How To Operate CNC Laser Cutting Machine

After purchasing a laser cutting machine, many customers how to operate CNC laser tube cutting machine is a headache, let the laser pipe cutting machine manufacturer tell you how to use it now


1. In the use of laser tube cutting machine, wear protective equipment, such as laser protective goggles, which can effectively protect the eyes of the operator.

2. According to the laser tube cutting machine radiation can be filtered by some radiation protection equipment.

3. In the operation of the laser pipe cutting machine before, pay attention to the operating area around there are no other people, someone in the area shall not operate; at the same time, when passing by the laser pipe cutting machine is operating, do not approach the laser pipe cutting machine, try to avoid, so as not to be unnecessary injury.

4. improve their own mention resistance, you can eat more food rich in eye protection, such as carrots rich in vitamin A, C, animal liver raw food.

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