What’s The Difference Between CNC Cutting And Laser Cutting

Laser cutting process is now widely concerned in the metal industry, many manufacturers have said goodbye to CNC machine tools, and go for laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine works by the laser generated by the high energy beam irradiation to the surface of the material, the metal material quickly melted, to move the beam to make the material show linear melting so as to achieve the purpose of cutting.

tube laser cutter

CNC punching machine is a computer-controlled cutting equipment, compared with the traditional sawing equipment, CNC machine tools have a great improvement in the accuracy of cutting, compared to the cost of cutting also has many advantages. However, CNC punching machine in cutting requires a mold to cut, this point the advantages of laser cutting machine is reflected, no mold, import drawings can be cut.

Advantages of laser cutting

Laser cutting machines have been widely promoted in various industrial sectors, mainly because of the many advantages and benefits embodied in the work process, compared to traditional cutting machines are better, especially the following important advantages can be used to break the limitations of traditional cutting machines.

metal cutting

Higher performance and safety

Compared with traditional cutting machines, laser cutting machines have a stronger performance, play a stronger safety in the work and have a continuous fast and efficient working mode. No special maintenance is required, allowing for substantial control of usage costs, providing strong power for continuous production during work, promoting efficiency and ensuring better quality work.

Higher cutting accuracy during work

By using laser cutting machine for cutting work, it is more accurate and finer processing than traditional cutting machine, which avoids saving production and processing cost due to poor cutting accuracy. The overall effect of product production will be better by improving production efficiency, promoting production accuracy and achieving high quality cutting results.

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