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Model: 1000w 1500W 2000w portable laser rust removal machine for sale
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Product Description

Handheld portable laser rust removal machine power with 1000w 1500w 2000w,Do you want to remove rust stains, paint stains from metal stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, brass, aluminum and other metal surfaces, we offer you the most affordable handheld portable laser rust removal machine price.

What is a portable laser cleaning machine

Portable laser rust removal machine is a high-tech equipment used for surface cleaning treatment, the product adopts laser cleaning technology, the product is simple to operate, light and easy to use, high degree of intelligence, can be chemical-free, media-free, water-free cleaning, can remove the surface of the object rust, paint, resin, oil, oxidation layer, special coatings, plating and other impurities.

Laser descaling machine can clean not only organic pollutants, but also inorganic substances, including metal rust, metal particles, dust, etc. For some practical applications of the technology has been very mature and widely used. Such as: mold cleaning, weapons and equipment cleaning, old aircraft paint cleaning, building facade cleaning, electronics industry cleaning, precision machinery industry precision de-ester cleaning, nuclear power plant reactor pipeline cleaning, etc.

laser rust remove machine (1)
laser rust remove machine (2)

Why do metals rust?

d these substances will react chemically with metal atoms to produce, for example, rust, copper green and other corrosive substances, which directly affect the performance of the metal.

Rust is a chemical reaction, essentially an oxidation reaction of the metal. Most metals are chemically active and easily react with other substances (oxidizers) such as oxygen to become metal ions and are lost, a process called rusting. For example, iron produces red rust (Fe2O3-xH2O), copper produces green rust (Cu2(OH)2CO3), and aluminum produces white rust (Al2O3).

Three causes of metal rusting

Humidity: The critical humidity of many metals is between 50% and 80%, and steel is about 75%. If the environmental humidity is less than the critical humidity of the metal, then the rate of your gold oxidation and corrosion will be much smaller, and vice versa, will accelerate the occurrence of metal rusting.
Temperature: It is generally believed that when the working temperature of the metal reaches its melting point (absolute temperature) of 30% to 40%, it can be considered a high temperature corrosion environment. The higher the temperature the higher the chances of metal corrosion the faster the rate.
Corrosion factors: certain metal processing will produce chlorides, sulfides and other corrosive gases, which are factors that directly accelerate the oxidation of metal rust.

laser cleaner (2)
laser cleaner (1)

Which metals will rust

Common ones such as iron, aluminum alloy, aluminum, copper, silver and so on, only the products of oxidation are different, and the speed, form and color of the oxides generated are different. There are many metals that will rust, for example, copper will rust, and you can see the green patina on the bronze in the museum; aluminum will also rust, and you can see the white spots on the surface of aluminum in some aluminum products; iron will rust, needless to say, and it can be seen everywhere.

Why does stainless steel rust?

1, when the stainless steel surface deposit of other metal elements of dust or adhesion of foreign metal particles, it is easy to occur electrochemical corrosion, which leads to rust.
2, when the stainless steel surface attached to organic juice (such as vegetables, spit, etc.), under the action of water and oxygen, will constitute organic acid, over time, it will produce corrosion.
3, when the stainless steel surface attached to acid, alkali, salt (such as lye, lime, etc.), very easy to cause local corrosion.
4, when the air contains sulfide, carbon dioxide, etc. (i.e., contaminated air), encountering condensate will form sulfuric acid, nitric acid, etc., will also cause chemical corrosion.

laser welding cutting cleaning
max laser

How much does a portable laser rust remover cost

Portable laser rust removal machine price is different from the way cleaning agents such as traditional cleaners are priced. In contrast to the properties of cleaners as consumables, laser rust removers are reusable.
As a laser device, its price depends largely on the different configurations. For example, if a higher power laser generator is used, the price will definitely be higher.
1000W portable laser descaling machines are priced from $5500.
The price range for a 1500W handheld laser descaling machine starts at $6500.
2000W high power laser descaling machines cost a minimum of $7,500.
3000W laser descaling guns start at $10,000.
The cost of a laser descaling machine is different from the cost of traditional cleaning products such as detergents. In contrast to detergents, which are consumables, laser rust removers can be used over and over again. The price of laser equipment depends largely on its configuration. Each handheld fiber laser rust remover manufacturer chooses a different laser and the price will vary.

Laser rust removal machine parameters

Laser Power
Laser Type
 Fiber Laser
Fiber Cable Length
10m / 15m / 20m
Scan Width
10-200mm adjustable
Cooling Method
Interated Water Chiller
Power Supply
210 – 240V, 50hz/60hz
Laser Removal
Rust, Coating, Oil etc.

What is a laser descaling gun

The laser rust removal gun consists of three parts: the gun case, the oscillating mirror scanning part, and the iris part. The laser light generated by the scanner laser generator forms a linear light spot and is directed at the object to be cleaned from the square light output hole of the iris, forming a light output channel. Adjusting the diaphragm can slide along the length of the light output hole on the fixed diaphragm, changing the light output length of the light output hole to make it the same size as the linear light spot, preventing the return light from entering the light spot. The gun case in the cleaning process.

laser rust cleaning machine gun
laser rust cleaning machine gun

The laser descaling gun is simple in structure, easy to use and can process any highly reflective profile. It is suitable for all types of laser generators. At the same time, the contact between the optical elements in the laser descaling gun and the outside world is closed in order to avoid contamination.

In addition to being used for handheld laser cleaning, the laser descaling gun can also be installed on moving mechanical equipment (such as robots, manipulators, CNC machine tools, etc.), where the mechanical equipment automatically completes a preset trajectory of movement. Its advantages include high precision, large scale of operation, and low technical and labor requirements for the operator

Handheld laser descaling gun 6 major features

1. Handheld laser descaling gun design is adopted, which can flexibly cope with various objects and angles.
2. Straight gun design: good accessibility and compound ergonomics.
3. Lightweight design: weight less than 1KG, more conducive to long time handheld operation.
4. Dustproof and sealed design: independent modular design of the optical path, sealed and dustproof.
5. Detachable dust port: independent detachable dust port design, height and angle flexible adjustable.
6. Standard cable length is 6m, optional longer cable.

laser cleaner (1)
laser cleaner (2)

Laser rust removal machine 4 major features

1, cleaning range: general laser cleaning are fixed on the workbench for cleaning operations, can only clean small, movable workpiece, there are certain limitations, and handheld laser cleaning machine can clean those workpieces that are not easy to move, selective cleaning workpiece.
2, flexible cleaning: laser cleaning equipment cleaning workpiece is relatively board, like some dead corners are not conducive to cleaning, and hand-held cleaning can be controlled with the manual cleaning workpiece, some dead-end places can also be cleaned, flexible cleaning.
3, cleaning effect: Although the location of the cleaning head is changed, but the cleaning effect is still the same.
4、Focus cleaning: When cleaning uneven workpiece, handheld laser cleaning head can be adjusted up and down the focus of cleaning, producing uniform cleaning effect.

Portable rust removal machine advantages

Laser cleaning allows for fast and clean cleaning or removal of surface paint layers.
Accurate cleaning and paint removal results; no damage to substrates.
Low cost; noise; requires little maintenance.
Traditional cleaning methods are often contact cleaning, mechanical force on the surface of the object being cleaned, damage to the surface of the object being cleaned or cleaning media attached to the surface of the object being cleaned, can not be removed, resulting in secondary pollution in. Contact makes it easy to solve these problems.

Fiber laser rust removal machine application of metal

Tire industry with laser cleaning mainly cleaning tire molds.
Laser cleaning machine for manufacturing processing industry mainly cleans the rust layer, paint and oil on the surface of workpieces and equipment, etc. It can also be used to clean welded parts, which has good effect for pre-welding and post-welding.
Bridge construction for cleaning the surface rust layer of bridge steel structure.
Railway transportation used to clean the rail rust layer, high speed rail car paint layer, air conditioning external cleaning, etc.; ship industry can be used to clean the rust layer paint layer of the ship plate and welded parts surface oxidation color cleaning, etc. Laser cleaning is still a wide range of uses, choose the right power and model can achieve the desired effect efficiency.

Fiber laser rust removal machine product effect

laser clean
laser clean
laser clean

How to use the industrial laser rust removal machine

Precautions before use
1. Make sure the power outlet is properly connected and the ground wire is firmly grounded.
2. Check to make sure the cleaning head protects the lens from dust inside and outside.
3. Check and make sure that all buttons and switches of the machine are in working condition.

Step 1: Plug in the external power cord and turn on the unit.
Step 2: Turn on the power outlet switch (power filter, fuse, and switch 3-in-1 outlet).
Step 3: Turn on the laser descaling machine button switch and power up the system for initialization.
Step 4: After the system is up and running, use the laser power and frequency knobs on the laser descaling machine to fine-tune the parameters of the laser machine.
Step 5: After the laser parameters are set, press the laser enable button on the laser machine, the red indicator light on the button will be on (be sure to confirm the release status of the button switch on the handheld handle) press the button).
Step 6: Put on the laser protective glasses, take out the handheld laser descaling gun from the chassis, aim the gun at the workpiece to be cleaned, press the button on the gun handle, the gun will emit cleaning light.
Step 7: You can adjust the laser cleaning range on the gun.
Step 8: When finished, turn off the laser descaling machine, put the laser descaling gun into the storage box and unplug the power supply.

Industrial fiber laser rust removal machine vs. chemical rust removal

First, the principle.
Laser descaling is a cleaning method that uses pulsed laser irradiation to the surface of the cleaned workpiece to make the surface of the workpiece instantly absorb the focused laser energy and form a rapidly expanding plasma to make the oil, rust spots, dust slag, coating, oxide layer or film on the surface vaporize or peel off, thus efficiently removing the surface adhesions. While the principle of chemical cleaning is the use of redox reaction, mainly using the acid cleaning way to remove rust.
Second, contact.
Chemical descaling is contact and has an impact on the workpiece with a certain degree of damage. Laser descaling is non-contact and does not hurt the parent body.
Third, rust removal efficiency.
Laser is easy to realize automation and more efficient.
Fourth, the effect of rust removal.
After actual measurement, laser descaling effect is excellent, while chemical descaling effect is average.
Fifth, the precision of rust removal.
Laser power adjustable parameters can be controlled, high precision, chemical descaling poor controllability, low precision.
Sixth, environmental protection.
Laser rust removal is pollution-free. Chemical descaling has pollution.
Seventh, operation.
Laser descaling machine handheld and automated can be, chemical descaling process is complex, the operator requirements are very high, need to do protection, there is a certain degree of danger.
Eighth, consumables.
Laser descaling machine only needs to consume electricity, chemical descaling is the main consumable chemical cleaning agent.
Ninth, cost investment.
Laser descaling machine has high first time cost investment, no consumables and low maintenance cost. Chemical descaling has a very low initial investment cost and a very high consumable cost.
Tenth, price.
If the price of portable laser descaling machine 1500w is 5600 USD, chemical descaling has low first time cost, only need a cleaning pool, but later consumables consumption is very large. After calculation, if you give 10,000 square meters of rail descaling, the efficiency of the laser descaling machine is three times that of the chemical descaling machine, but the cost of consumables is only one tenth. Add to this the cost of environmental protection, labor costs, etc., and chemical descaling is not competitive.

Is laser rust removal machine harmful to human body

Because the handheld laser rust removal machine operation is closer to the operator, strictly speaking, there is damage, mainly from two aspects: the first, the eye damage.

First, the damage to the eyes. Direct or indirect exposure to the laser can cause damage to the eyes. Although the laser is invisible, the beam can cause irreversible damage to the retina or cornea. Proper and certified laser protective eyewear must be worn at all times while the laser is in operation.

Second, the respiratory system. During laser rust removal, rust absorbs laser energy and then instantly expands and vaporizes and decomposes, the rust turns from solid to gas, and the gas is not visible, but matter is conserved and invisibility does not mean non-existence. It will affect the respiratory system if it operates for a long time without defense. It is sufficient to wear an n95 mask when working with one machine, but if a dozen machines are working at the same time, you need to use professional dust removal equipment.

laser protective goggles
kn95 mask

Will there be any damage from direct laser exposure to the skin?

Handheld laser rust remover although there is damage, but the risk is easy to control, as long as the strict observance of wearing laser protective goggles and wearing n95 mask, the risk has been controlled by 90%.

I can only say that 99% of the probability is no, but there exists a 1% possibility, so try not to let the laser irradiate the human skin. This is because a certain wavelength of laser energy absorption of different substances have differences, but does not mean that the laser rust removal machine radiation out of the laser on the skin no effect, once the parameters are adjusted to change the laser wavelength and power, as always, will cause damage to the skin.

Industrial fiber laser rust removal machine is a new product, the entire market for its wait-and-see attitude, which is the face of the new thing the general reaction. There are also some people who are receptive to new things who start to try to use them, but as professionals in the laser descaling industry suggest, as long as the laser descaling machine is operated, especially the handheld laser descaling machine, please be sure to wear laser protective glasses and n95 mask, and develop good habits from the very beginning of use to avoid damage, never pay attention to the risk only after the injury occurs, the more new things the more you should pay attention to his harmfulness. And don’t just listen to the businessman emphasize his advantages.

Laser descaling for enterprises have the advantage of cost reduction and efficiency, in environmental protection, automation, efficiency, fineness better than the traditional descaling process, in specific areas with irreplaceable role, laser descaling machine in recent years the price continues to go down, the economic advantages are becoming stronger.

Nowadays, laser descaling machine will surely enter into millions of factories, and laser descaling practitioners will keep increasing. The laser descaling machine is very simple to operate, and the average adult can operate it in just one day of training, so the threshold for entry is extremely low, and more people will join the laser descaling industry.

Again, injuries always occur in a defenseless state, and with defense you can effectively control the risk to avoid injuries. Simply put, please be sure to wear protective goggles and an n95 mask when using a handheld laser descaling machine. Be sure to! If more than ten laser descaling machines are operating at the same time, professional dust removal devices are required.

Industrial fiber laser rust removal machine operation precautions

a) Do not look directly at the laser output head when the equipment is in operation.
b) Do not use the fiber laser in a dark or dim environment.
c) Please follow the manual strictly to operate the equipment.
d) The laser does not have built-in usable accessories, all repairs should be performed by the original manufacturer’s personnel, to prevent electric shock, please do not damage the label and remove the cover.
e)The new workpiece must be test run and checked for operational status.
f) The operator needs to pay close attention to the running condition when the equipment is on, and should not leave the post or trust someone to be in charge without permission, and should stop or cut off the power switch if it is indeed necessary to leave.
g) Do not change the parameters of the equipment at will to cause malfunction.
h) shutdown must be strictly required to close the equipment and auxiliary facilities, and cut off all power and gas sources.

Industrial laser rust removal machine maintenance and maintenance

Laser output fiber optic cable is a precision optical device, excessive twisting, bending, vibration, impact will operate on the laser irrecoverable damage, so avoid the above actions. The minimum bending radius of fiber optic cable is 20 cm, and the working state bending radius should not be less than 30 cm.
The laser operating environment is flat and vibration-free. The appropriate temperature of the working environment is 10 to 40°C.
The machine’s water chiller is an important part, Dunlei handheld laser descaling machine using dual-temperature dual-control water chiller. Cooling water using pure water, need to change the cooling water every 15 days, if the use of harsh environment, in order to prevent the growth of mold in the chiller blocking the pipeline, add 10% of ethanol. When the equipment ambient temperature in -10-0 ℃, use 30% ethanol solution. And 2 months to change once.

Related Products

Portable laser rust removal machine problem collection

Laser is widely used, in addition to the above laser application areas, is also actively developing application territories, the excellent spatial and temporal control of the laser, the material of the processing object, shape, size and processing environment are large degrees of freedom, especially suitable for automated processing. Laser descaling machine + automated robotic arm = descaling robot, which can do one tenth of the cost of traditional water blasting descaling process.

Industrial fiber laser rust removal machine uses high power fiber laser, generally in the range of 1000-3000w, which is a high energy laser.

The excimer laser used for laser vision correction is generally below 3w, which is a lower energy laser.

The structure is different, the function is different, put in the field of industrial laser rust removal and laser vision correction, looks like a huge difference, but they really belong to the laser.

Laser rust removal machine can really replace sandblasting cleaning, first of all, the efficiency of laser rust removal machine is not as fast as sandblasting rust removal efficiency, followed by laser rust removal machine’s preliminary investment cost is higher than sandblasting, the same power case.

But laser descaling machine can do sandblasting rust can not do the labor saving, environmental protection, no supplies later disadvantages, these are now the factory surface treatment must have the conditions, and laser descaling machine is not much slower than sandblasting descaling, so relatively speaking laser descaling machine and sandblasting cleaning or slightly higher, and laser descaling machine investment costs are cheaper than artificial, only 16 yuan an hour onwards. Such laser rust removal machine who does not want.

Laser weapons are weapons that use laser energy to destroy targets, with the advantages of high speed, high hit accuracy, high power, and less susceptible to electromagnetic interference, etc. They are generally divided into two categories: high-energy laser weapons and low-energy laser weapons.

Laser weapons are fast, accurate, and low-cost. Laser weapons are directed energy weapons that use a powerful, directionally emitted laser beam to directly destroy or disable a target. Compared with traditional weapons, laser weapons have the characteristics of high speed, high accuracy, long interception distance (up to tens of thousands of kilometers), rapid fire transfer, no interference by external electromagnetic waves, low cost of a single launch, etc., with unparalleled advantages of other weapons.

Laser rust removal is a method of removing rust from a metal surface by pulsed laser irradiation, which causes the surface of the workpiece to instantly absorb the focused laser energy and form a rapidly expanding plasma that vaporizes or peels away oil, rust spots, dust slag, coatings, oxidation layers or film layers on the surface, thereby efficiently removing surface adhesions.

High power laser cleaning machine to reduce the cost of use to improve efficiency, the
Portable laser cleaner is efficient, fast, low cost, small heat load and mechanical load on the substrate, cleaning is non-damaging, waste can be recycled, no environmental pollution.
Portable rust removal and rust remover has a wide range of application prospects, in aerospace, shipbuilding, rail transportation, automotive manufacturing, steel manufacturing and other aspects have been well used.

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