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The laser pipe cutting machine / laser tube cutting machine has the characteristics of professional technology, fast speed, high precision, high efficiency and high cost performance. It is the preferred machine and equipment for the production and processing of non-contact metal pipe fittings.

One machine is multi-purpose, which can not only meet the customer’s cutting requirements for flat plates, but also meet the cutting of pipe rounds and heterosexual materials (square steel, flat iron, channel steel, square pipe).
Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, alloy steel, aluminum alloy, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, silver, gold, titanium and other metal pipes, square pipe cutting, three-dimensional cutting.

What is Laser pipe Cutting Machine

Laser pipe Cutting Machine( Laser Pipe Cutting Machine) is a kind of equipment for processing metal pipes. In the process of pipe processing, laser pipe cutting machine can complete the processing of various types of pipes, round pipes, square pipes, special-shaped pipes and other pipes of different specifications at high speed. The effect is better than traditional craftsmanship and has been widely recognized by various industries.

CNC Laser Tube Cutting Machine for Sale

laser tube cutting machine

1kw 1500w 2000w 3000w Standard laser tube cutting machine

Suitable for all kinds of tubes, cost effective, integrated tube welding, high steel, high strength

tube laser cutter

circular rectangular square round laser tube cutting machine for

Servo-supported, precise positioning, extra large bore, extra strong holding force, more inclusive

laser pipe cutter

12m 9m 6m Three chuck laser tube cutting machine

Three chuck linkage, two end punching, coherent extra-long tube cutting, real zero tailing, three chuck support, follower servo support, avoid fluttering

beveling laser tube cutter

wholesale blm stainless steel steel Beveling laser tube cutter

Five-axis linkage, three-dimensional cutting, high precision, good cutting surface, fast efficiency, green, can be equipped with 500 chucks. To meet the needs of the large bore and heavy tube industry

automatic loading laser tube cutting machine

Fully automatic loading laser tube cutting machine

Enables loading of complete bundles of tubes, intelligent powder, seamless feeding and cutting, fast loading speed

automatic loading and unloading laser tube cutting machine

OEM 20mm 200mm Heavy duty laser tube cutter metal aluminum

Heavy tube steady lift, follower response, automatic and efficient, triple chuck linkage, adaptable to various tubes, real zero tailing, high precision, good performance

tube metal laser cutting machine Parameters

metal tube laser cutting machine for cutting different tubes

laser tube

Application fields of CNC laser pipe cutting machine

construction machinery

Mechanical Engineering

traffic vehicles


agricultural machinery

agricultural machinery

aircraft paint

aircraft industry

kitchen equipment

kitchen utensils

metal laser cutting equipment in the automotive field

Car manufacturer

Full stroke pneumatic chucks

Strong square hole through force, extra large hole diameter, super strong holding force, strong inclusion, high precision

tube cutter chuck
semi automatic loading machine

Semi-automatic loading machine

Intelligent dividing, seamless connection between loading and tube cutter
Only 15s per pass, maximum load capacity up to 4500kg

Fully automatic loading and unloading system

The loading and unloading system is fully automated, and there is no need to manually switch the loading. It can well solve the problems of pipe storage, low loading and unloading efficiency, and high labor costs.

fully automatic loading and unloading system

The advantages of CNC laser pipe cutting machine


Professional and stable cutting effect, widely used in metal processing industry

CNC laser pipe cutting machine is the main equipment for cutting pipes. Whether it is a square pipe, a round pipe, or a special-shaped pipe, it can effectively cut pipes. It has more advantages than other equipment. , Pipe laser cutting machine has quickly occupied various metal processing industries with its professional and stable cutting effect, especially in automobile manufacturing, oil exploration, machinery manufacturing, etc. It has been widely used.


Made by computer graphics, easy to operate and flexible

The laser processing of the CNC laser pipe cutting machine is made by computer drawing, which is simple and convenient to operate. In terms of processing graphics, it can complete the flexible processing of any graphics. And it can achieve large-scale, fast and accurate processing. The cutting process can complete multi-step processing at one time, and can cut several meters of pipes in one minute. The cutting speed for pipes is higher than other cutting methods.

Configuration of the steel pipe laser cutting machine

Servo Floating Tube Lifter

Servo Floating Tube Lifter

Following Tube Up and Down,Always touch with tube during rotation,Especially for Square and Rectangle tube

RayTools BM111 Auto-focusing laser cutting head  

RayTools BM111 Auto-focusing laser cutting head

l With Anti-crash function, good sealed, high pressure resistant, auto-tracking system and anti-crash and stop system.

l Perforation speed is one to two times faster than manual focusing. Perforating speed can shorten the cutting time.

TubesT 3D Tube Nesting Software

TubesT 3D Tube Nesting Software

TubesT is a 3D tube nesting software designed for CypTube/TubePro laser cutting system. From parts drawing and modification, full type compensation, strategic nesting to report generation, using TubesT will meet and exceed your production needs.

china Professional metal laser pipe cutting machine

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Related problems of pipe laser cutting machine

The metal tube laser cutting machine can achieve high-speed high-quality fiber laser cutting of metal shapes such as round tubes, square tubes, and special-shaped tubes. The newly upgraded metal pipe laser cutting machine production equipment not only achieves automatic production and processing, but also improves the limitations of traditional laser cutting, saves time and effort, reduces costs, has faster speed and high accuracy, and can achieve pipe drilling and cutting. , intersecting lines and fine laser cutting of various special-shaped and complicated patterns that are difficult to achieve by conventional methods.

The pressing speed of the metal pipe laser cutting machine should not be adjusted too fast during cutting, as it is easy to cause damage to the saw blade and damage to the gear components in the gearbox.

When the metal pipe laser cutting machine equipment is working, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the clamping part of the chuck is loose, and the hand should not touch the saw blade running at high speed.

If there is an abnormality during the operation of the metal pipe laser cutting machine equipment, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and the technicians of the relevant departments should be notified to carry out maintenance and inspection. The metal pipe laser cutting machine equipment cuts off the power supply of the equipment after the work, cleans the slag, cleans the body, and cleans the surrounding environment.

1. Feeding rack: Before the cutting starts, the whole bundle of pipes needs to be manually hoisted to the material rack, manually packaged and removed, and then placed on the automatic pipe conveying mechanism in sequence.

2. The pipes are placed on the conveying platform in turn, and the pipe conveying device can transfer the pipes to the feeding mechanism one at a time according to the requirements, and automatically replenish and stand by according to the pipes.

3. The feeding mechanism will automatically transfer the pipes in the waiting area to the automatic feeding mechanism according to the signal, and other pipes will be automatically filled and moved to the material position to ensure continuous operation.

4. The pipe positioning and calibration system calibrates the pipe position neatly as needed (the pipe material should not be placed beyond the outside of the feeding mechanism).

5. The feeding structure automatically sends the pipes to the material (lifting) shelving system of the machine tool according to the signal (one pipe at a time).

6. The feeding mechanism returns in time after receiving the signal of completion of shelving, and at the same time, the A rotating gripper device moves according to the signal – clamps – pushes it to the B rotating plate for perfect cutting.

7. The material shelving system automatically lifts and lowers according to the distance of the A rotating gripper device to avoid collision;

8. When the A rotating gripper device advances to the middle limit position of the B rotating support plate, the C rotating gripper device automatically runs to the right end of the B rotating plate to continue the perfect cutting of the tail material, so as to ensure the overall cutting of the pipe, basically zero tail material.

9. The automatic lifting type material receiving system rises to 15mm away from the rotation of the pipe, and catches the workpiece while the pipe is cut, so as to prevent the workpiece from falling naturally due to the weight of the pipe, the gap at the cutting point is too large, or it is dropped and deformed.

10. After the automatic lifting type feeding system is finished, it will automatically drop to a fixed position, and at the same time, the feeding box will tilt, and the workpiece will naturally slide down to the ground material collecting hopper.

11. The feeding mechanism is on standby. Before the cutting of the previous pipe is completed, the material preparation is completed, and the operation program of the next pipe processing is carried out on standby.

The round tube laser tube cutting machine is a high-end equipment for precision cutting of tube materials. It is generally composed of a laser, a gantry, a machine tool, a round tube fixture, a CNC console and a cooler. In addition to cutting round tubes, the laser tube cutting machine for round tubes can also be used for cutting, punching, hollow carving of tube walls, and beveling and beveling of square tubes, flat tubes and other materials.

The advantages of laser tube cutting machine for round tube and tube are as follows:

1. It can realize high-efficiency processing in large quantities, with high cutting accuracy and fast speed, and some do not require secondary processing, saving costs

2. CNC operation platform, with professional tube laser tube cutting machine cutting control software, simple operation, import design drawings, you can achieve fast processing, flexible and fast.

3. Automatic slag removal function device, the residue generated during the cutting process can be sucked out, the cutting speed is not affected, and the subsequent processing procedures are reduced.

Shandong pipe fiber laser cutting machine equipment, dedicated to the production, research and development, sales of fiber laser cutting equipment for 12 years, providing one-stop laser equipment solutions, is one of the few domestic enterprises with independent research and development capabilities in the same industry. Pipe fiber laser pipe cutting machine cutting is to use a focused high power density laser beam to irradiate the workpiece, so that the temperature rises rapidly, reaching the boiling point or vaporization of the material in a short period of time, and at the same time, the molten material is blown away by the high-speed airflow coaxial with the beam, thereby Realize the cutting of the workpiece.

Fiber laser pipe cutting machine for pipes can achieve high-speed high-quality fiber laser cutting of round pipes, rectangular square pipes, special-shaped pipes and other shapes. Choosing laser cutting for production and processing can improve the process of processing products and improve work efficiency, while reducing The generation and pollution of waste ensure the processing quality of pipe fittings

The automatic fiber laser tube cutting machine cutting production and processing replaces the traditional mechanical knife with an invisible laser beam, with fast cutting speed and high precision, unlimited cutting patterns, no burrs in the incision, and low cost. Laser pipe cutting machines are mainly suitable for cutting three types of materials in the market.

The first category is used as manufacturing materials for decoration, advertising, lighting, kitchen supplies, thin sheet metal parts, electrical control cabinets, high and low voltage switch cabinets, etc. These materials are generally thin, with a thickness of 1-5mm. Stainless steel plate materials can be cut for production with a medium-power laser cutting machine.

The second category is laser cutting of plastics (polymers), rubber products, wood panels, paper packaging products, leather materials and their pure natural or synthetic organic materials. Since these materials are not made of metal, the absorption of laser light is different, so This kind of material is as far as possible to use CO2 fiber laser cutting to achieve laser cutting.

The third type is low carbon steel and 12mm stainless steel with a thickness of 8-20mm. These materials need to be cut quickly by a high-power fiber laser cutting machine. Those who need it can consider purchasing a high-power fiber laser cutting machine or high-power CO2 laser cutter.

It is not as simple as everyone imagines to cut round holes with a pipe laser cutting machine. The round holes cut out are irregular and the verticality is not enough. It also happens from time to time. I will give you an analysis of the reasons and precautions.

What if the hole is too small? A better solution for cutting round holes with a tube laser cutting machine is a 1:1 ratio of round holes, which means that the ratio of aperture to plate thickness is 1:1, which means that the larger the aperture, the easier it is to cut high-quality round holes. Therefore, the quality of the cutting hole also has certain requirements for the servo motor. Occasionally elliptical or irregular phenomenon occurs in the round hole, which is related to the mismatch of X\Y axis motion, and the direct cause of the mismatch of X\Y axis motion is the improper adjustment of servo motor parameters. Otherwise, when the energy of the fiber laser cutting machine is insufficient, the cutting holes are prone to breakpoint residues and round holes that are not round.

During the blowing process, when the air pressure is too small, there will be slag scraping and carbonization on the edge, and if the pressure is too high, it is easy to burst holes. Therefore, it requires the perfect cooperation between the craft proofer and the machine, and selects the appropriate air pressure with experience, so as to make the cut round holes fuller.

If the parameter error of the servo motor affects the cutting quality, then the accuracy of the guide rail and the lead screw will directly cause the accuracy of the round hole to fail to meet expectations. This is related to the strength of the laser cutting machine manufacturer. Therefore, it is recommended that in the process of purchasing a laser cutting machine, try to choose products of high quality and big brands. Pay attention to whether the precision, speed and other parameters of the laser cutting machine to cut the circular hole meet the standard requirements, so as to identify whether the quality of the purchased laser cutting machine has passed the test.

1. High speed: The laser can cut several meters of pipes in one minute. Compared with the traditional manual method, the laser pipe cutting machine has a higher speed.

2. Flexibility: The laser pipe cutting machine can flexibly process various shapes, which allows designers to carry out complex designs, which are unimaginable under traditional processing methods.

3. Batch processing: The standard pipe length is 6 meters, and the traditional processing method requires very bulky fixtures, while the pipe cutting machine can easily complete the clamping and positioning of several meters long pipes, which makes batch processing possible.

4. High precision: The traditional pipe cutting adopts manual method, so each cut part is different, while the laser pipe cutting machine adopts the same fixture system, and the processing design is completed by the programming software, and the multi-step processing is completed at one time, with high precision . In modern manufacturing, where precision is paramount, laser-machined molding makes every part the same size.

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