6 Considerations for Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Nesting

Fiber laser cutting machine before use, you need to import the product drawings into the system program, and then through the typesetting software to arrange the product as much as possible on the plate, in order to better use the plate. Nesting will have a great impact on the cutting of the whole plate, so the layout also needs to be treated carefully, the following are a few common nesting considerations.

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1、Corner over fusion

When slow cutting plate corners, the cutting path or straight form, the sharp corners are easy to melt due to overheating, especially common when cutting thin plate material. A smaller radius can be set at the corner to keep the laser cutting machine running at high speed cutting to avoid overheating and melting of the plate, reducing the cutting time, but also improve the overall cutting quality.

2、Common edge cutting

By combining shapes containing common edges into a whole combination, the edge lengths that originally needed to be cut twice now only need to be cut once, and common edge cutting can significantly reduce the cutting path and thus reduce cutting time. When multiple parts become a combination, there is no reserved spacing between the parts, which also saves raw material of the sheet.

3、Scrap removal

Fiber laser cutting machine after cutting small parts, the table will contain a large area of the skeleton, there is an automatic undercutting equipment is easy to clean up these materials, but for the need for manual undercutting equipment, sharp large skeleton material is easy to cause personal injury to the operator. You can cut the broken skeleton incidentally when cutting small parts, and cut the whole skeleton into small pieces for better subsequent removal.

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4、Part spacing

Usually when cutting thick and hot plate, the spacing between parts should be larger, because the thermal impact of the hot plate of the thick plate has a great impact. When cutting corners and small graphics, it is easy to burn the edges and affect the quality of the cut.

5、Lead setting

In the thick plate cutting, in order to make the cutting articulation more smooth and prevent burns at both ends, usually at the beginning and end of the cut to introduce the transition line, called the lead and tail line. Lead and tail line outside the workpiece, but also pay attention to not set in the location where it is not easy to dissipate heat, in the premise of not wasting too much plate, should be set in the spacing gap, so that the cutting is smooth.

6、Parts collision

Many times in order to make the benefits greater, fiber laser cutting machine will work unmanned automation 24 hours a day, unattended when the danger is greater, the parts are cut and warped, the cutting head may hit the parts, resulting in serious equipment damage. Should be in the cutting path to avoid the danger of parts warping, or the use of micro-connections cutting, the subsequent gentle tap on the plate to remove the workpiece.

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