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Metal laser cutting machine is mainly suitable for metal sheet cutting, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, aluminum plate, etc.

power: 1000-30000w can be customized

The laser pipe cutting machine is used in the development and production of various profiles, pipe cutting, and can perform high-quality processing of special-shaped pipes such as round pipes, rectangular pipes, elliptical pipes, channel steel, angle iron, etc.

The plate-and-tube integrated laser cutting machine can not only perform high-speed and high-quality laser cutting of circular tubes, rectangular tubes, special-shaped tubes and other profiles, but also cut plates of different thicknesses.

1000W-3000W small table high precision laser cutting machine, suitable for small glasses and watches industry, high cutting accuracy and fast speed.

The service life of LightWELD 1500w hand-held laser welding machine is related to the laser. A laser can work for an average of 100,000 hours.

The laser cleaning machine has the characteristics of no grinding and non-contact. It can not only be used to clean organic pollutants

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 Laser has provided services to thousands of customers in 12 years and provided customers with high-quality laser cutting equipment.

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10 Years of laser cutting equipment manufacturing experience, and obtained several Chinese patents

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Professional technicians provide free technical support for you, 7*24 hours quick response

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Obtained CE, FDA, ISO9001, SGS, TUV and other certifications,Efficient and fast are the concepts we are constantly pursuing, and creating a professional and complete supplier of CNC laser cutting machines is my constant goal.

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Products are exported to 60+ countries and regions, serving 10,000+ customers,Excellent quality of laser cutting machine and competitive price provide us with stable customer support

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Production personnel strictly follow the standard production process and testing proces,from the procurement of raw materials to the management of production standards

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CNC metal fiber laser cutting machine can cut stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, alloy steel, silicon steel, spring steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, galvanized zinc sheet, pickled sheet, gold, silver, Qin and other metal sheet and pipe processing.

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Metal laser cutting machine is used in sheet metal processing, advertising sign word production, electric box and electric cabinet production, engineering industry, electrical appliances, various mechanical parts, kitchenware, household items, automobiles, agricultural machinery, medical equipment, ships, aerospace, lighting, environmental protection industry, silk screen, office industry, fitness equipment, sheet metal processing and other industries. The application range is very wide, and it is the choice of manufacturing and processing industries.


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What Our Customers Have to Say

Kelvin Black
Kelvin BlackFrom Dallas, USA
I was excited to use this hobby laser cutter for some school projects. I purchased this product after extensive research and watching quality reviews on Youtube and different forums. For the price, it did not seem to be a bad option at all and easily upgradable.
Zasha Swan
Zasha SwanFrom Australia
We have one 1000w fiber laser cutter purchased. Until now, it is working very well. Their factory is very professional. After about 2 months, we get our laser cutter installed in workshop, with the detail user manual and videos, I operate it very well now.
Frank Jones
Frank JonesFrom Japan
This laser tube cutter is the best CNC machine tool for cutting end profiles and dimensional profiles in the sidewalls of both square and round stainless steel tubing. I worked with this laser for metal tube fabrication from three months ago, everything runs well, one great machine.
Jack Brownn
Jack BrownnFrom London, UK
As the saying goes: "You get what you paid for". The small metal laser cutter packed well without shipping damages. The laser machine was "functional" after the first start to use it for different metals and thickness you need to be willing to invest quite a bit time and mechanical changes to get this unit as you want it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wide processing range, small deformation, high accuracy, environmental protection, automation, etc., are more obvious advantages of laser cutting equipment. Moreover, it also has the advantages of high efficiency, no apparatus wear and tear, and differentiated style production processing. Compared with the old sheet metal processing, metal laser cutting exists very obvious advantages, is undoubtedly the key to the widespread use of fiber laser cutting machines and manufacturing boom in the past few years.

Laser cutting process is the use of invisible light beam instead of the traditional mechanical knife, with high precision, fast cutting, not limited to cutting pattern restrictions, automatic nesting to save material, smooth kerf, low processing costs, etc., will gradually improve or replace in the traditional metal cutting process equipment. Laser cutting machine of the mechanical part of the laser head and the workpiece without contact, in the work will not cause scratches on the surface of the workpiece; laser cutting speed, smooth and flat kerf, generally without subsequent processing; cutting heat-affected zone is small, the plate deformation is small, narrow slit, with the continuous development of laser technology, laser cutting machine with its flexibility and flexibility, gradually replaced the traditional means of cutting processing.

Just tell us below information
1) Max work size:choose most suitable model.
2) Materials and Cutting thickness:Power of laser generator.
3) Business industries:We sell a lot and give advice on this business line.

Our headquarters is in jinan, Shandong Province, China.

Sure.We can change the type and color and appearance of the fiber laser cutting machine according to your preferences and requirements, so that we can satisfy you.

Yes, we have CE, Provide you with a one-stop service.At first we will show you and and after shipment we will give you CE/Packing list/Commercial Invoice/ Sales contract for customs clearance.

Please tell us the following answer, our professional seller will recommend you proper power.
1. What material you want to cut,stainless steel,carbon steel or other?
2. What thickness do you want to cut?

1、Automatic feeding

The stainless steel plate, carbon steel plate or cold-rolled plate is placed at the feeding port and fixed by the robot gripping method; when cutting is needed, the feeding device automatically sends it into the processing area for processing; if the length of the plate needs to be adjusted, it can be adjusted by releasing the robot. This function can effectively improve the working efficiency and reduce human error operation.


According to the shape and size of the workpiece and different materials, the corresponding size of the fixture is used to ensure the accuracy requirements of the workpiece (such as: round aperture, radius of the arc), and special size fixture can also be customized according to customer requirements to adapt to the needs of different workpieces. At the same time, a variety of different working modes (e.g. single-step, cyclic and sequential) can be set according to the actual production needs to meet the needs of different products.


Through the computer numerical control system to control the machine according to the set track to complete a variety of workpiece cutting tasks (such as straight section, beveled section, etc.). With the characteristics of simple and quick operation, and no special tools can be used to cut and weld the material at any angle.


For some workpiece surface quality is poor or burr phenomenon can be straightened.

If you want to marking sample to check the quality, we can help you do this. first you need to provide the logo or design to us, free mark samples can be provided.

Of course.Please contact us any time . We will arrange in advance.

Laser machine for metal usually deal with carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and alloy. The maximum thickness is different between different models and materials. Please check in the product introduction page.

Very easy to choose. Just tell us what you want to do by using CNC fiber laser cutting machine, then let us give you perfect solutions and suggestions.

Sure, we have a strong technical team and have rich experience. Our goal is to make you satisfied.

We can provide team viewer /Whatsapp /Email /Phone/Skype with cam till all of your problems finished.We can also provide Door service if you need.

Tube laser cutting machine is the use of fiber laser to cut and punch the tube, laser automatic tube cutting machine can cut the tube at any angle and arc, and the cutting accuracy, kerf effect, cutting efficiency will be higher, and the cut out products are better.

SANSHUAN China cnc laser tube cutting machine manufacturers can produce laser cutting machine, cnc tube laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser cleaning machine and other products.

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