How Often Should Cnc Coolant Be Changed

Maintenance of laser cutting machine chillers.

laser water cooler
laser water cooler

1. When the chiller is running in Kooling Times, it should be placed in a ventilated environment where the ambient temperature does not exceed 40℃.

2. Ensure that the power supply, current and voltage of the chiller are stable, normal and smooth.

3. Replace the circulating cooling water regularly, generally once every three months.

4. Regularly clean up the dust accumulated in the condenser and dust screen.

Laser cutting machine cooling water replacement cycle:

1. Change water every six months in a high quality environment. In a high-quality environment, such as laboratory or independent empty room conditioning, chiller circulating water can be replaced every six months or once a year.

2. In low quality environment water change once a month to one and a half months. If it is in a poor environment, such as when it is used as a woodworking engraving machine chiller, it is easy to be contaminated by the outside environment, so it is recommended to change the water once a month for a month and a half. Or add scale inhibitor to reduce scale and prevent waterway clogging.

3. Under normal circumstances, just like the water circulating in the chiller of Kooling Times, the water should be changed once every three months. However, care should also be taken to disassemble and clean the dust screen and clean the dust on the chiller condenser regularly to ensure better operation of the equipment.

Once a year Remember to add preservatives and antifreeze (icing areas)

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