What CNC machine can be used to cut 5cm thick iron plate

Some times some customers will consult me on the network 5cm thick iron plate need to use what CNC equipment, the market cutting metal said over a lot of machinery, there are plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, waterjet cutting machine, CNC drilling machine and other equipment. The variety is very large. Now this article will give you an introduction to the cutting iron plate using machinery.

laser tube cutter 1

The thickness of iron plate is 5CM, so plasma cutting, laser cutting equipment can not be used;
Second, because you require a large cutting volume, fast, so the EDM wire cutting equipment is too low efficiency;
Then, because you require a flat surface, flame cutting (such as oxyacetylene cutting) is definitely not compatible;
So down to meet your requirements of the equipment only CNC sawing and waterjet cutting.
And CNC sawing machine in view of its own body size, can not be a large area of material cutting, cutting surface flat is only relative to the flame cutting, so if your requirements are high, this is also not very suitable.
CNC water cutting, with high cutting efficiency and smooth cross-section, undoubtedly meets your requirements best.

laser cutting machine

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