5 Kinds Of Cnc Equipment For Cutting Steel Plates

This article is mainly about what equipment will be used to cut steel plates in the construction of the project, the purpose is to let the construction staff know which equipment is the most advantageous for various engineering materials, the purchase of equipment is no longer blind, to buy the right machine.

Currently on the market commonly used cutting equipment, there are small manual cutting machine, portable CNC cutting machine, desktop CNC cutting machine, gantry CNC cutting machine and plasma cutting machine.

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According to the type of cutting, there are mainly flame cutting and plasma cutting.

The following is to talk about these five types of cutting equipment

1, small manual cutting machine

As the name implies, this is the current construction for the workload is not much used in the project, are flame cutting, the need to use oxygen, acetylene materials, for thick steel cutting is better, the project volume is small available, the project volume of labor costs are not cost-effective. Manual cutting machine maximum cutting 5-60mm thick plate, due to manual control, cutting molding effect is not good.

2, portable CNC cutting machine

As long as with CNC system, it means that these devices are computer-controlled, you can achieve the desired effect, you can also import drawings, forming good results, workpiece unity, most of this cutting machine is also flame cutting machine, can cut 5-150mm thick plate, portable cutting machine can be able to carry 1.5m * 3m specifications of the plate, you can also cut a variety of pipe, cutting speed, 0.5 per minute m, depending on the thickness of the plate to decide.

small precision cutting machine (2)

3, desktop CNC cutting machine

Is the maximum cutting plate is 2M * 6M, this is also computer-controlled, can be imported into CAD drawings, forming good results, and can cut a variety of tubes, compared to portable CNC cutting machine, the advantage is that you can cut a larger number of steel plates, can cut 200mm thick plate.

Desktop CNC cutting machine

4, gantry type CNC cutting machine

This cutting machine comes with a track, you can lengthen and widen the cutting stroke through the track, the maximum effective cutting width of 7.3m, cutting length by lengthening the track to infinite extension, this cutting machine is suitable for cutting large plates, tubes, and the advantage is equipped with three torches, can work simultaneously to achieve desktop triple efficiency.

5, plasma cutting machine

Said plasma cutting machine is mainly said to be installed on the basis of flame cutting machine plasma power supply to achieve plasma cutting. Plasma cutting with different working gases can cut a variety of oxygen cutting difficult to cut the metal, especially for non-ferrous metals (stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, etc.) cutting effect is better, its main advantage is the cutting speed, especially in cutting ordinary carbon steel, speed up to 5-6 times the oxygen cutting method, the cutting surface is smooth, small thermal deformation, almost no heat-affected zone, the bevel error is small 0.5-1mm. 1mm.

Plasma power

Flame cutting and plasma cutting advantages and disadvantages.

1, cutting thickness:

flame cutting can cut 200mm thick plate, but for 10mm below the plate cutting will appear deformation, plasma cutting can cut 0-20mm, cutting edge flush, no obvious cutting marks.

2, the cost of work.

Flame cutting is mostly used for thick steel plate cutting, no V-shaped bevel at the cutter

Cost: every 8 hours a bottle of acetylene, 2 hours a bottle of oxygen. Acetylene 78 yuan / bottle, oxygen 16 yuan / bottle.

8 hours of work cost: 78 yuan * 1 bottle + 16 yuan * 4 bottles = 142 yuan

Plasma cutting speed, small deformation

Cost: 6KW power supply, for example, cut the board below 20mm, the cost of 6KW per hour with electricity, 48KW per shift, at 1.00 yuan / degree, electricity costs 48 yuan. Electrodes, nozzles about 15 yuan per set (domestic), can work for about 3 hours.

8 hours of work cost: 48KW * 1 yuan / KW + 15 yuan * 2.6 = 48 yuan + 39 yuan = 87 yuan.

Flame CNC cutting machine pre-investment is small, the late cost of large, plasma CNC cutting machine because the pre-purchase plasma power supply power is not the same, the price is not the same, but the overall investment than flame cutting to be large, the late cost is also large. Of course, the specific also has a lot to do with the cutting experience of the operating workers.

3, cutting type.

Flame cutting can cut steel plates, can not cut non-ferrous metals

Plasma cutting advantage is to cut non-ferrous metals, mostly used for stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metals.

In summary, for users to first know what they cut the plate, the plate material, the length of the plate, the width of the plate, and the thickness of the plate, to choose the appropriate cutting machine

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