Guide to Purchasing China Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Many friends want to purchase 6m metal tube fiber laser cutting machine in China, but do not know how to choose the right tube fiber laser cutting machine factories.If you want to know more about 1000 watt 1500w 3000w fiber metal tube laser cutting machine, this article tells you to find the best fiber laser tube cutting machine

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1kw fiber laser tube cutting machine

Laser tube cutting machine is divided into simple tube cutting machine, semi-automatic and fully automatic tube cutting machine. If you are engaged in tube processing or tube equipment, it is automatic/semi-automatic feeding fiber laser tube cutting machine.

Tube fiber laser cutting machine equipment for square tube, round tube, rectangular tube, oval tube and some U-shaped beam, L-beam, profile, with CNC control, can be programmed offline by 3D CADCAM software. Domestic tube lasers are more cost effective. Currently, a large number of these tube lasers are used in manufacturers’ job shops.

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Fiber laser tube cutting machine power many, 1000W-15000W these are available, most processing manufacturers of tube thickness between 8mm-12mm.

If long-term cutting this thickness is recommended to choose 4000W-6000W cnc laser tube cutting machine , if it is a high reflection characteristics of brass, it is recommended to use 8000W or even higher power laser tube cutter.

For thickness between 5mm-8mm it is recommended to use 2000W-4000W laser tube cutter. For lower thicknesses, 1000W is usually sufficient.

It should be noted that if you buy a 6000W fiber laser cutting machine tube, in cutting small thickness of about 4mm material, you can adjust the output multiplier down to 2000W cutting, energy saving and power saving costs.

China fiber laser cutting machine for tube Specification Model.

Two-chuck cnc laser fiber tube cutting machine series: 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W, 4000W, 6000W, 8000W, 12000W, etc. can be customized.

Three chuck cnc laser fiber tube cutting machine series: 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W, 4000W, 6000W, 8000W, 12000W, etc. can be customized.

Automatic stainless steel metal laser tube cutting machine model specifications.

160 chucks, 220 chucks, 330 chucks, 350 chucks, 450 chucks

Automatic stainless steel metal laser tube cutting machine width length.

6 meters, 9 meters, 12 meters


automatic, semi-automatic loading and unloading mechanism.

Steel pipe profile types:

round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, channel steel, angle iron, H-beam / I-beam, D-pipe, shaped pipe, B-pipe (nine-character edge), etc.

Pipe opening diameter size:

20-150, 30-220, 30-350, 30-380, etc. can be customized.

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Price of 3kW china cnc laser tube cutting machine

3kw fiber metal laser pipe cutting machine is a high-power laser equipment, mainly processing thick metal pipe, power is one of the factors that determine the price of laser pipe cutting machine, so the general price of 3kW china metal tube fiber laser cutting machine are 30,000 U.S. dollars to 150,000 U.S. dollars are ranging.

What determines the laser tube cutting machine cost

Determine the laser tube cutting machine cost is not only the power, there are machine and equipment configuration, model have a certain relationship, like the purchase of such large laser equipment, in addition to reference prices, but more importantly, also look at the brand reputation, product performance and after-sales service level. Including the core configuration of this equipment inside the use of imported or domestic performance configuration, and whether the manufacturer’s after-sales service in place in a timely manner is essential to reference!

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Guide to buy square tube round tube laser cutting machine

Many people will tend to big brands, think big brands are more secure, but with the development of society, well-known brands are more and more, mixed, users began to find a little direction. Therefore SUNSHAN pipe laser cutting machine manufacturers recommend that you examine the five advantages of laser pipe cutting machine manufacturers such as brand advantages, quality advantages, environmental advantages, service advantages, price advantages to help you buy the desired square pipe round tube laser cutting machine.

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4 ways to improve the cutting quality of laser tube cutting machine

The size of the laser power will have an important impact on the laser processing, not the greater the power of the laser pipe cutting machine is not better, to combine their own characteristics of the pipe to choose the right laser power, so that the focus to obtain a better density, to achieve a more desirable cutting effect.

Laser cutting pipe to ensure that the cutting speed within a certain range in order to obtain a better cutting quality, too fast, there will be a pipe cut constantly or cut through the phenomenon, affecting the cutting quality, too slow, too much heat builds up on the surface of the tube, will burn the surface of the pipe mouth, cutting out will be very rough.

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There are also the characteristics of the pipe itself on the laser processing process will have a great impact, different pipe diameter or pipe material with the same laser cutting, cutting out the effect will be different, for example, the same diameter of copper pipe and stainless steel pipe with laser to cut, copper pipe is not good to cut, stainless steel pipe is very good to cut.

Auxiliary gas type and pressure will also affect the cutting quality of the pipe, when cutting the pipe with a high speed wall thickness is small, the auxiliary gas pressure should be increased to prevent the slagging of the incision; when cutting the wall thickness is large or slow cutting speed, the auxiliary gas pressure should be properly reduced to prevent the pipe can not be cut through or cut constantly.

3 points to reduce the china laser tube cutting machine cost

Laser tube cutting machine as a professional metal pipe cutting equipment, we need to choose the right model according to the actual situation of their own business, such as the power can not use too big, can not use too small, just fine, because too much power will burn the pipe, too small will cause the cut can not. Therefore, the selection of these machinery and equipment must be selected from the regular manufacturers, select the regular products.
Secondly, we use the laser pipe cutting machine, we can not be frequent start-ups, because frequent start-ups will reduce the efficiency of the machine, with the equipment also exists loss, it is recommended that enterprises rational planning pipe cutting time, as far as possible, a one-time batch to complete the cutting task.

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Then we also want to optimize the quality of pipe cutting, there are good pipe cutting equipment, but also well-trained operators, cutting out more high-quality workpiece, reduce the cost of waste and secondary processing.
The above 3 suggestions, I hope it can help you, for your business to save more costs. Now laser pipe cutting machine is widely used, many industries need, such as help hardware and furniture, auto parts industry, stainless steel products industry, bathroom building materials, sports equipment, security net and other industries to improve production efficiency, improve production quality, reduce production costs, which is more and more enterprises enterprises choose it.


3 steps to choose the right china round square tube laser cutter factory

In China want to purchase the right metal round square tube laser cutter to receive the next you have to understand how thick you cut the pipe, 6m pipe or 9m, because the laser pipe cutting machine has 6m 9m 12m, you can choose the length as needed.
What is the thickness of the pipe, and then you can consult the round square tube laser cutter manufacturers to consult with them on how much power is needed.
Ask the round/square/rectangular tube laser cutter manufacturers delivery, after-sales service team, quality assurance, payment methods and so on, the most reliable way to choose a Chinese laser pipe cutting machine manufacturers is that you can personally look at the factory to understand their production process, the use of raw materials, so you can guarantee that you buy affordable metal laser pipe cutting machine。

Installation after the purchase of metal laser pipe cutting machine.

  1. Place the laser in the designated inspection area and then make the hardware control connection between the machine and the laser.
  2. Ensure the cleanliness of the cutting head and the jumper output head lens, the internal lens should not have dust.
  3. Connect the jumper output part of the laser to the cutting head and mount it on the machine.
  4. Connect the jumper output head and the water circuit of the cutting head and other connection lines.
  5. Turn on the water circuit, circuit, no abnormalities can turn on the laser.

Metal laser pipe cutting machine disassembly.

  1. Turn off the laser, circuit and water circuit.
  2. Disassemble the cutting head and jumper output head and clean up the remaining water stains on the jumper output head.
  3. Disassemble the laser and machine control line connection part.

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