Note on the use of 1500w handheld laser welding system

laser welding systems

The handheld laser welding machine contains a laser, water cooler, laser welding system, laser welding head multiple control modules, in order to avoid interference, ensure that the distance away from the argon arc welding machine and interference related equipment, ensure that the safety distance is maintained at more than 5 meters. If conditions permit, ensure that the laser welding machine is a separate space.

2.To reduce equipment leakage or static electricity, make sure that the handheld laser welding equipment uses a valid ground wire.

3.Double check that the cable connectors are properly connected and locked, and that they are wrapped with insulating tape.

4.Check that the laser head and fiber optics are tightly connected and that the laser head is properly sealed and wrapped with Mevin tape to ensure that no dust enters the laser head cavity.

5.Check whether there is water seepage in the cavity, there are many waterways in the cavity, do not loosen the screws without professional training to prevent water droplets from entering the cavity.

6.Check whether the protective lens drawer is normal, ensure that the seal is normal and effective, and ensure that when replacing the protective lens, alcohol wipe the external stains of the laser head, at least 5 times, to ensure that the environment is dust-free and wind-free before replacing the lens.

7.The laser head and its complex internal, to avoid short circuit, please keep away from water, and ensure that there is no liquid sprayed on the laser head.

8.The laser head refuses to be cleaned with strong wind blowing on the laser head, only use alcohol and dust-free cloth to wipe.

9.The laser head is equipped with a digital motor, so be careful when using it to prevent motor failure.

10.When the laser head is not in use, please use the system gas blowing several times to make the dust out, and Remove the copper nozzle and seal it with sealing tape, and install the copper nozzle when in use.

11.Continuous power interruptions can damage the welding control system, so provide continuous and reliable power!

12.External safety lock is 24V high, please do not short with the system set of aviation plug GND shell, or installation is not careful to collide with each other. or installation carelessly collide with each other, otherwise short circuit may burn out the power supply or the main control board.

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