How to distinguish laser rust removal machine quality

The rapid development of the industrial market, laser rust removal machine was introduced, the traditional way of rust removal has been far from meeting the market demand, laser rust removal machine non-abrasive, non-contact cleaning method, so the laser rust removal compared to the traditional rust removal is more environmentally friendly, and will not produce damage to the workpiece.

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How to choose the manufacturer of laser rust removal machine?

Metal products substrate with the flow of time on the surface of the metal will appear a layer of rust, remove these rust relying on traditional cleaning methods are relatively labor-intensive and time. This time there is a laser rust removal machine, that in the purchase of laser rust removal machine, what should pay attention to it?

With the common application of laser descaling, there are more and more manufacturers of laser descaling equipment, so how to choose a manufacturer of laser descaling machine? The following are a few suggestions for you to buy and sell.

In the preliminary examination: select some professional manufacturers for comparison in terms of cleaning process, price and after-sales service guarantee.

choose the wattage of laser descaling equipment, to be clear about what kind of cleaning effect they need to achieve, the general manufacturers are available for sample testing or field testing to see if the test results can meet their cleaning requirements.

On-site inspection: you can make a site visit to the chosen laser descaling manufacturer to get a deeper understanding of the laser descaling equipment and to intuitively feel the effect of descaling.

After-sales service: After buying the equipment, the laser rust removal equipment manufacturer will conduct a training for the operator to ensure that the operator can operate in an orderly manner in the later stage of the operation, and if there is any subsequent operation problem, you can also contact the laser rust removal manufacturer for an online operation guide.

3 in 1 handheld laser cleaning, weldings
3 in 1 handheld laser cleaning, weldings

Laser descaling machine for non-destructive cleaning

Rust stains are oxides formed on metal surfaces through precipitation and reaction with air over time, including rust or aluminum embroidery, etc. What can be done to remove rust stains? Laser rust removal machine to a certain extent can do non-destructive cleaning!

Aluminium embroidery refers to rust stains on the surface of aluminium and, like rust, both can be removed in different ways. If the aluminium embroidery is processed in the traditional way, it is usually done by using some chemical agents to melt the reaction and then rubbing with some friction tools, and if the aluminium embroidery is very old, there may be some uncleaning. On the contrary, laser rust removal is not only clean, but also non-destructive!

The aluminium embroidery laser rust removal mainly uses laser light on the surface of the object, the surface of the aluminium embroidery will be laser energy, never produce thermal expansion and contraction, the surface of the aluminium embroidery will be loose, plus the cleaning is high intensity vibration, will make the detached aluminium embroidery directly broken, cleaning down the aluminium embroidery will be turned into dust or gas, as the laser cleaning machine is now with its own dust collection device, these aluminium embroidery will be directly recycled.

How does the laser descaling machine do a non-destructive cleaning of aluminium embroidery? The laser descaling machine does not touch the surface of the aluminium when working, so the non-contact processing does not damage the aluminium itself, and to a certain extent it also achieves an efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning method, so some are a good choice for some manufacturers of metal workpieces.

In addition, the laser removal of aluminium embroidery can also be used in other different fields, especially in the automotive industry or the marine industry, some rusty workpieces may bring some safety hazards, and the laser rust removal machine in doing non-destructive cleaning at the same time also to do the safety of the security, bringing high automatic cleaning benefits!

Features of laser cleaning and rust removal machine

1, non-contact cleaning: laser cleaning technology and the material surface without contact, wide applicability can be used to clean various shapes of components can solve the mechanical cleaning difficult to cope with the problem of complex surface processing.

2, no damage to the substrate: laser cleaning technology for surface pollutants after cleaning, no damage to the substrate or product, can solve the problem of mechanical polishing easy to cause damage to the surface of the workpiece.

3, high efficiency and environmental protection: laser cleaning technology, energy efficient and environmentally friendly, compared to the existence of chemical cleaning damage to the substrate, the size of the component is limited, long and inefficient, chemical reagents harmful to humans and the environment and other issues, can be effectively solved.

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