5 Ways to Control the Use of Laser CNC Cutting Machine Costs

Many customers in the use of laser cutting equipment, most people do not understand the equipment is not very clear, if the use of laser cutting machine in the use of cost control, the resulting cost is relatively large, and now this article tells you how to effectively control the cost of laser cutting machine operation.

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1, try to reduce the number of times the laser is turned on and off

If the metal laser cutting machine is not normally used, the laser can be turned off, in addition to the cutting requirements can be met, try to reduce the use of power to save power consumption.

2, to strictly follow the operating rules to use

Metal laser cutting machine is a high-tech equipment, if used improperly will affect the entire system, resulting in unstable quality of the cutting workpiece, which will seriously affect the quality of the equipment, which is not worth the loss.


3, focusing lens to do a good job of cleaning

Focusing lens is the only contact with the processing surface of a lens, laser cutting machine in the process of operation will produce some metal slag and dust, which will adhere to the focusing lens, if not cleaned in a timely manner, will make its light transmission rate becomes lower, heat absorption becomes stronger, which will affect the accuracy of cutting, and even lead to damage to the lens. Timely cleaning of the focusing lens can reduce unnecessary material waste and the cost of replacing the lens.

4, good equipment maintenance

Plate laser cutting machine after a long period of work, the parts will wear and tear, which will cause instability of the equipment, affecting the accuracy of cutting. Therefore, good maintenance of equipment is also a way to extend the service life of the equipment, and improve the cutting accuracy.

laser cutting machine

5, understand the application of metal laser cutting machine gas

The use of plate laser cutting machine costs nearly 80% is from the consumption of gas, as the laser cutting machine, CNC laser cutting machine, the main energy supply, familiar with and understand the principle of laser cutting machine gas application will help reduce the cost of gas use.

The above is “how to effectively control the use of CNC laser cutting machine costs”? The related introduction, usually in the operation of more attention to the maintenance of equipment, so that on the one hand, you can reduce the cost of metal laser cutting machine, on the other hand, you can extend the service life of the equipment to protect the quality of cutting equipment.

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