The difference between laser rust removal and laser cleaning

Laser cleaning includes laser rust removal. Laser cleaning includes laser rust removal, laser paint removal, laser oil removal, heritage restoration, coating removal and oxide removal, so laser rust removal only belongs to one branch of laser cleaning.

In the industry of laser cleaning, laser rust removal occupies 60% of the market, and the level of development of laser rust removal also represents the height of laser cleaning. As the division of labour becomes finer and finer, laser descaling gradually diverges into an independent industry. Although the laser descaling machines are essentially the same, there are still considerable differences in detail and function.

With the development of the laser cleaning industry, such a collective name will gradually be diluted and eventually replaced by a more functional laser rust removal machine, laser paint removal machine, laser heritage restoration machine and other names. The term laser cleaning will only exist in a transitional period and will be gradually forgotten.

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So can a machine laser rust removal machine remove paint?

Of course it can. The principle of laser rust removal is to use a laser to burn off rust and paint from the metal surface, while using the reflective properties of the metal to ensure that the parent body itself is not damaged. This laser rust removal principle is that when the rust is subjected to high temperatures, it evaporates instantly, and after plasma separation, the underlying metal is not damaged by timely exposure to the laser due to its high reflectivity to the steel.

Laser rust removal is therefore efficient and safe and can even clean corner parts such as letters and bolts perfectly. The principle of rust and oil removal is the same, the machine power is adjustable and the parameters can be controlled, so rust and paint removal is simply a matter of setting different parameters.

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How wide can a handheld laser rust removal machine remove rust in one pass?

In the case of a handheld laser descaling machine, the width of a single sweep across an iron plate is 10-20cm. Depending on the power, the width varies slightly. In terms of speed, it takes about one minute to remove the rust from 1 square metre of steel plate. Laser rust removal mainly uses power 1500w and 2000w machines, with 2000w being twice as efficient as 1500w and less than 1500w being much worse in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Laser descaling machines use high power laser heads, and high power laser heads only accounted for 9.4% of the domestic production 4 years ago, most of which came from imports and were extremely expensive. In recent years, after domestic technological breakthroughs and mass production, the price has dropped significantly and laser descaling has become an option in terms of economics. With the continued decline in the price of high power laser heads, laser descaling machines have obvious advantages in terms of cost reduction and efficiency, and are gradually being focused on the market and rapidly industrialised.

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Can laser rust removal be used for a long time?

According to our tests, laser descaling works continuously for 24 hours without any problems. The core component of the laser descaling machine is the laser head, which has a life span of 100,000 hours. It is like a computer with a life span of 5 years, but how long can a computer work continuously at one time? Theoretically a computer works continuously for 24 hours, it is best to switch off for an hour, this is good for the life of the computer, the laser head is similar.

Theoretically, with the right temperature adaptation range wide (5°C-45°C), the laser descaling machine can work continuously for 20,000 hours. So there is nothing to worry about when it comes to continuous working time. Even with automated robotic descaling, working 24 hours a day, you can work continuously for 833 days.
The laser head has a life expectancy of 100,000 hours, which can be higher than 100,000 hours if properly maintained, but naturally the life expectancy is reduced if not properly maintained.

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