Application of handheld laser welding machine in the field of steel

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, handheld laser welding machines have penetrated into various fields of people’s lives, and are now closely related to our daily life. The handheld laser welding machine it replaced began to be widely used.

Handheld Laser Welder

So where is the handheld laser welding technology used in the steel industry?

In an increasingly developing China, the urban population is also increasing, and the land price is becoming more and more expensive. Urban buildings have to develop at high altitudes, and the structures in the buildings are generally steel structures, which are steel structures made of materials such as section steel and steel plates. The structure composed of beams, steel columns and other components is one of the main construction types of modern building complexes, and for steel structures, welding is one of the essential and most important steps.

Generally, steel structures need to bear a certain weight. If traditional welding methods are used, the welding quality will not be guaranteed. Therefore, with the modernization of society, the development of the laser welding industry has been virtually driven. Today, laser welding technology has become more and more mature hair.

Features and advantages of handheld laser welding machine:

  1. High degree of automation: The new intelligent system is easy to operate. Due to the relatively small spot of light, the precision is relatively high. The whole process is manually set, and there is no need to frequently replace parts such as gun head nozzles.
  2. Safe and reliable: Compared with the traditional welding, the multi-dimensional laser welding machine belongs to the non-contact working mode, the cutting energy comes from the laser, and there is no harm to the human body.
  3. High efficiency: the welding effect is beautiful, the welding seam is small, the welding depth is large and the quality is good.
  4. High precision: The multi-dimensional laser welding machine can reduce the heat input to the required minimum amount, the heat affected area becomes lower, and the deformation caused by heat conduction is also small.
  5. Low cost: The operating cost of the multi-dimensional laser is relatively low, which saves the cost of manpower and material resources to a certain extent.
  6. Wide range: The range of materials that can be welded is relatively wide, and different materials can also be combined by welding.
  7. Small focus: The laser beam has a small focus and can weld relatively small parts.
  8. Not affected by the external environment: The multi-dimensional laser welding machine will not be affected by the magnetic field, and can accurately align the parts to be welded.

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