What is the Laser Cleaning Machine Price?

With the rapid development of the economy, the demand for industrial sheets is getting higher and higher, but the metal sheets stored for a long time will rust. The market demand for laser cleaning machines is getting higher and higher. More and more, how much is the price of a laser cleaning and descaling machine? I hope this article is helpful to everyone.

At present, the price of fiber laser cleaning machines on the market is about 8,000 US dollars. Each company has different prices because of different configurations. Customers purchase according to their own needs.

Traditionally, there are various methods for cleaning metal sheets, most of which use chemical agents Traditionally, there are various methods for cleaning metal sheets, most of which use chemical agents and physical and mechanical methods to clean and remove rust. In 2020, the regulations on environmental protection were becoming more and more serious, and people’s awareness of environmental protection is increasing. We need to consider how to clean more efficiently and not damage the machine.

Features of laser cleaning machine:

  1. Laser cleaning has the characteristics of no grinding, non-contact, no thermal effect, and is suitable for objects of various materials.
  2. Laser cleaning has high efficiency and saves time;
  3. Laser cleaning is considered the most reliable and effective solution.
  4. Laser cleaning can solve problems that traditional cleaning methods cannot solve.
laser clean

What are the advantages of laser cleaning machines?

Laser cleaning has obvious advantages over traditional cleaning methods such as mechanical friction cleaning, chemical corrosion cleaning, liquid, solid, substantial impact cleaning, and high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning.

  1. Laser cleaning is a “green” cleaning method without using any chemicals and cleaning fluids. The cleaned wastes are solid powders, small in size, easy to store and recyclable, and can quickly solve the problem of chemical cleaning belts. Environmental pollution problems;
  2. The traditional cleaning method is often contact cleaning, which has a mechanical force on the surface of the cleaned object, damages the object’s surface, or the cleaning medium adheres to the surface of the object to be cleaned. It cannot be removed, resulting in secondary pollution. Laser cleaning has no grinding. And non-contact to solve these problems;
  3. The laser can be transmitted through the optical fiber and cooperate with the robot hand and robot, which can quickly realize long-distance operation and can clean the parts that are difficult to reach by traditional methods, which can ensure the safety of personnel when used in some dangerous places;
  4. Laser cleaning can remove various types of contaminants on the surface of various materials and achieve the cleanliness that cannot be achieved by conventional cleaning. It can also selectively clean the contaminants on the surface of the material without damaging the surface of the material;
  5. Although the one-time investment in the purchase of a laser cleaning system is high, the cleaning system can be used stably for a long time, with low operating costs and only electricity bills per hour.
laser cleaner
laser cleaner

The classification of laser cleaning machine

Can clean a lot of types of laser cleaning machine, laser cleaning methods are also many. For different metal materials and different stains, you can choose different laser cleaning methods according to the actual situation.

Laser cleaning mechanism can be summarized as four aspects: laser vapor decomposition, laser stripping, thermal expansion of dirt particles, substrate surface vibration and particle vibration; and laser cleaning is often the result of multiple mechanisms acting simultaneously.

1, laser dry cleaning method.

That is, the use of pulsed laser direct radiation purification. The laser generated by the laser can be focused through the optical system to achieve a high degree of energy concentration. The focused laser beam can produce thousands or even tens of thousands of degrees near the focal point, instantly evaporating or decomposing the adherents on the surface of the object.

2、Laser + liquid film method.

That is, a layer of liquid film is deposited on the surface of the aggregate first, and then the liquid film is blasted and purified by laser.

3、Laser + inert gas method

That is, after laser irradiation of the workpiece surface, the dirt is stripped from the surface, and inert gas is used to blow away the dirt to avoid re-pollution and oxidation of the clean surface.4

laser cleaner

First irradiate the surface of the workpiece with laser, and then decontaminate it with non-corrosive chemical method after the dirt is loosened. Only art works use this method.

At present, the first three cleaning methods are mainly used in industrial production, of which the laser dry cleaning method and laser + liquid film cleaning method is used more often.

The current state of handheld laser cleaner machines

Laser cleaning machines are very effective when the surface of the workpiece is cleaned with nano-laser radiation. As the laser is a contact-free cleaning of the workpiece, it is very safe for cleaning precision workpieces or their fine parts, ensuring their accuracy. This is why laser cleaning is a unique advantage in the cleaning industry.

Handheld laser cleaner application market analysis

Laser cleaner belongs to a new industrial cleaning program, compared to the traditional cleaning program is more environmentally friendly, wider application, can be applied to industrial equipment or industrial processing parts surface oil, oxidation layer, rust layer cleaning, airport runway rubber birthmark cleaning, can also be applied to the deck surface paint weld cleaning, in addition, because the laser cleaning of the object grassroots damage is small, but also gradually become the work of cultural preservation cleaning Metal ware, porcelain and other cultural relics of the mainstream program.

In industrial applications, with the rapid development of lasers, people on the laser cleaning mechanism research continues to deepen, surface quality monitoring and characterization methods are becoming more complete and comprehensive, laser cleaning material surface quality has been improved, cleaning accuracy and efficiency also gradually increased.

Today, it has become a reliable technology for cleaning the surface of a large number of different substrates, including steel, aluminium alloys, titanium alloys, glass and composite materials, etc. The application industry covers aerospace, aviation, shipping, high-speed rail, automotive, moulds, nuclear power and marine fields.

Laser cleaning industry companies are divided into three main categories: laser manufacturers, small and medium-sized sales companies, and professional equipment manufacturers. Upstream laser manufacturers are strong, the development of downstream sales companies is still uneven, and there are not many professional laser cleaning equipment manufacturers. There are still a large number of laser marking companies on the sidelines.

What is the handheld laser cleaning machine price

1: Ask the parts brand
Laser, chiller, cleaning head, etc., ask the price of handheld laser cleaning machine, ask the weight, ask the brand, ask the temperature control capacity, and then according to the brand inquiry can, know the price and then to judge the price.

2: Ask the scale
Understand the company, understand the size of the company, the number of personnel, supply capacity and so on, you can know in the end is their own production or agent.

3: Ask after-sales
Warranty training, problem solving, these are more important in my opinion than the above two points. This is why I asked the size of the reason, now the labor cost of the old expensive, late service to the place, but also to see the strength.

4: Cleaning head
The key to laser fillet welding technology is to determine the wire feed position and wire feed speed.

These are why laser cleaning machines are popular, and if you are thinking about increasing your productivity, you might as well consider a laser cleaning machine.

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