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What is a laser cleaning machine?

Laser cleaning machine is a multi-purpose cleaning equipment. It can clean the surface of metal or non-metal parts. When processing the corresponding workpiece, it is only necessary to adjust the interface parameters of the laser cleaning machine.

Laser cleaning machine

What are the differences between laser cleaning machines and traditional cleaning methods?

Laser cleaning has some advantages that traditional cleaning methods cannot achieve. It can not only clean organic pollutants, but also inorganic substances, including metal rust, metal particles, dust, etc.

The laser cleaning of the laser cleaning machine is non-contact cleaning, which has little damage to the substrate, high flexibility, good stability and automatic characteristics, good cleaning quality, high precision, and environmental protection. It is a “green” automatic cleaning equipment.

The replacement of traditional cleaning methods by laser cleaning machines is tantamount to a technological revolution that is environmentally friendly and cost-saving.


What can a laser cleaning machine clean? ?

  1. Metal or glass surface coating removal, rapid paint stripping;
  2. Rapid rust removal, as well as various oxides;
  3. Remove grease, resin, glue, dust, stains and production residues;
  4. The metal surface is roughened;
  5. Paint stripping, rust removal, oil removal, oxidation and residue treatment after welding before welding or bonding;
  6. Mold cleaning, such as tire molds, electronic molds, food molds;
  7. Oil stain removal after the production and processing of precision parts;
  8. Quick cleaning of nuclear power components maintenance;
  9. Oxidation treatment, paint removal and rust removal in the production or maintenance of aerospace weapons and ships;
  10. Cleaning of metal surfaces in small spaces.

7 major operation steps of laser cleaning machine:

Step 1: Take out the hand-held cleaning gun in the case, make sure the button switch on the handle has been released, and remove the lens dust cover at the front of the laser cleaning gun;

Step 2: Take out the external power cord and power on, and turn on the key switch on the control panel of the laser cleaning host;

Step 3: Turn on the green button switch at the top, after turning on the green indicator light is on, the system is powered on and initialized;

Step 4: After the system starts, complete the laser cleaning parameter setting through the laser cleaning host interface

Step 5: After the laser parameter setting is completed, press the laser enable button on the laser cleaning operation screen (be sure to reconfirm the release state of the button switch on the handheld handle before pressing the button);

Step 6: Put on the laser protective glasses, aim the gun head at the workpiece to be cleaned, press the orange button on the handle of the hand-held head with your finger, and the gun head will emit light for cleaning (please connect the external control on the laser cleaning host). The line is automatically used, and the laser control is switched by an external control signal).

Step 7: After use, turn off the laser cleaning screen enable key, green physical key and side power switch in turn, insert the cleaning gun head back into the main box, and unplug the power plug.

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