Which industries are industrial laser cleaning machines suitable for?

With the rapid development of the industrial market, metal laser cleaning machines are widely used in the market. The cleaning industry is a huge market. Traditional cleaning methods such as manual rust removal, mechanical removal of embroidery, chemical treatment, etc. are relatively cumbersome and complicated. In recent years, , the rise of the laser cleaning machine. So which industries are laser cleaning machines suitable for? Is it more green and environmentally friendly than traditional cleaning methods in the cleaning process?


Laser cleaning machine is suitable for automobile, mold, aerospace, 3C electronics, medical equipment, rail transit, steel manufacturing, military equipment, various steel, iron, aluminum materials and other industries, laser cleaning machine can clean rust, oil, paint, oxide layer, welds, etc.

Laser cleaning machine is a greener cleaning method than traditional cleaning. Laser cleaning machine is a green, energy-saving and high-efficiency industrial weapon that uses a high-energy-density laser beam to irradiate the surface of the workpiece to instantly evaporate or peel off the dirt, rust or coating on the surface, thereby achieving a cleaning effect. The laser cleaning machine has the characteristics of no contact, no consumables, and high cleaning efficiency.

However, traditional cleaning methods such as manual embroidery removal are inefficient and ineffective, and not all rust stains can be removed; mechanical embroidery removal is irreversible for wear and tear on work; people’s awareness of environmental protection and safety is becoming more and more The stronger the chemical, the less and less chemicals that meet the specifications, and for some large-scale equipment removal embroidery, if this method is used, the metal material substrate may be corroded.


Laser cleaning machine can be applied to many industries such as automobiles and molds, and it is more green and environmentally friendly. Therefore, it has become a dark horse in industrial cleaning. Become the best cleaning solution for thousands of industries.

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