Metal laser pipe cutting machine for pipe processing advantages

In recent years, the momentum of laser cutting equipment is very strong, many customers have used the laser series of processing equipment, the current laser pipe cutting machine in the pipe processing industry is very widely used, the following take you to understand the advantages of laser pipe cutting machine in the processing industry it!

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Before introducing the advantages of laser pipe cutting machine classification, the current market classification of laser pipe cutting machine according to the form can be divided into two categories, namely, plate and tube integrated machine and professional pipe cutting machine.

According to the cutting capacity or functional classification can be divided into a single platform plate and tube integrated machine, exchange platform plate and tube integrated machine, professional laser pipe cutting machine, semi-automatic laser pipe cutting machine, automatic laser pipe cutting machine, all kinds of products will vary in price, usually according to their own needs to choose the right model.

After the introduction of the classification of our return to the subject, the advantages of laser pipe cutting machine for pipe processing.

Save labor, improve production efficiency, good cutting effect.

The traditional process of processing a pipe workpiece needs to be cut off with a saw, cut off and then use a drilling machine or punching machine to process the upper side of the hole, and then chamfering and deburring work, and each process can not be seamlessly connected, after each process pipe or workpiece to move a place, invisible will do a lot of useless work, a waste of manpower and time costs. Laser pipe cutting machine processing pipe is a forming, a 6-meter pipe into the machine only need to click on the start, the workpiece on all the openings and truncation are all formed in one go, processing is finished parts, and there is no burr.

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Not affected by the mold, you can cut any shape, to speed up the development of new products of each enterprise.

Traditional industrial pipe processing links in the pipe truncation is the most used saw blade, a saw blade price of about a thousand dollars, according to the worker’s operating proficiency and frequency of use and other conditions of service life varies, and in the cutting process to use cutting fluid to the saw blade cooling, to prevent the saw blade chipping. After truncation of the opening of each plant’s choice varies, useful drilling machine, with a drilling machine is more suitable for drilling long holes, for square holes and holes with corners are not good processing, useful punching machine, with a punching machine is more suitable for the same specifications of the multi-empty workpiece, a single hole and the spacing between the empty should not be too large, a comprehensive view of the traditional equipment for processing pipe workpiece is only suitable for small quantities of rough processing. Laser pipe cutting machine can be a good solution to these problems, all the shapes made in the drawings can be processed on the laser pipe cutting machine.


Reduce environmental pollution and noise pollution.

Traditional processing workshop operation of a variety of equipment is very noisy, the workshop needs to speak with a loud voice for communication, but also may not be able to hear clearly, and the cutting process with cutting fluid and other environmental pollution will also cause a lot of pollution, and laser cutting machine will not exist in this phenomenon, the laser cutting machine in the work done in a very small sound, probably similar to the sound of a car idling, will not affect the human communication.

In summary: a laser pipe cutting machine can save 10 traditional punching equipment and personnel, mold saws, tube laser cutting machine factory can reduce the production cost of a pipe 50%, and flexible graphics change, can be faster to help companies develop and produce new products, and reduce the noise and environmental pollution.

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