Laser cut bottle opener to create the key to wine tasting

A small bottle opener can have what can be creative? Actually not, the more easily overlooked things are the more elaborate, even the smallest things have its soul, and even the smallest things made fine will have an amazing visual impact. Laser cut bottle opener, to create a creative full of wine tasting keys.

laser cut bottle opener

PICO has used a laser cutting process to create what is probably the smallest bottle opener in this world. As the laser cutting process is combined with the CNC system, after drawing on the software, the laser cutter can cut according to the set graphics, which not only reduces the waste of materials, but also accomplishes a level of refinement that cannot be done with conventional cutting methods.

laser cut bottle opener

Think the bottle opener is too small and easy to get rid of or accidentally eat? Rogue uses a laser cutting process to create a bottle opener that can both open and screw bottles. The laser cutting process is highly accurate and requires no mold to be opened in one go. The cut is smooth and eliminates the need to trim the edges.

laser cut bottle opener

Cold metal can also be warm, using a laser cutting machine to make bottle openers with animal silhouettes, either credit card size, hexagonal refrigerator stickers, or hexagonal coasters. The laser cutting machine is easy to operate, with software mapping and machine processing, without a lot of manual labor.

fiber laser cutter

CNC Metal laser cutting machine can help you easily process and make various forms of wine openers with smooth cuts, no roughness and fine craftsmanship, and not only for making bottle openers, but also for all kinds of crafts, including precision automotive parts or precision electronic components.

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