Metal laser cutting machine can not cut through the 6 major reasons

Many customers in the purchase of metal laser cutting machine used for a period of time, there will be metal plates can not cut through, seriously affecting the use of the machine, delaying the schedule, resulting in a lot of economic losses, now metal laser cutting machine suppliers to tell you the reasons for these situations.

laser cutter

1, the laser power is reduced: fiber laser cutting machine laser after a long time, the power will gradually reduce with the use of time, the final cutting capacity decreases, cutting opaque.

2, the thickness of the processing plate exceeds the limit of the equipment cutting thickness: different power fiber laser cutting machine have limit cutting thickness. If the limit thickness is exceeded, the cutting effect of the equipment will not be satisfactory, including the cutting state can not penetrate.

3, optical components pollution: optical components, including focusing mirrors, reflectors, etc., due to a long time working in a harsh environment, the surface of such lenses are easy to leave residues, reducing the laser power of the equipment, resulting in the inability to cut.

4, the equipment site debugging is not up to standard: the site operation of fiber laser cutting machine is the most important factor affecting the quality of cutting. When the site debugging is not up to standard, the cutting is not transparent.


5, metal laser cutting machine cutting speed is too fast: cutting speed is too fast, there will inevitably be leakage of cut, resulting in cutting opaque.

6, the equipment auxiliary gas air pressure is not enough: auxiliary gas helps to blow away the residue during the cutting process. When the air pressure is not reached, the residue is difficult to remove and may lead to opaque cutting.

The above six points are the main reasons for cutting opaque fiber laser cutting machine. I hope this will help you.

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