15 causes of slow or dead metal laser cutting machine operation

Many customers in the use of metal laser cutting machine soon after the operation will appear slow or dead, now fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers to teach you the 15 causes of the above problems appear to solve the method.

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1, Too many operating systems installed on the same hard disk can lead to system crashes or slowdowns.

2, too many operating systems installed on the CPU and monitor can lead to system problems.

3,When replacing computer accessories, be sure to plug in the power supply, because poor accessory contact can lead to system crashes or slowdowns.

4,BIOS settings should be appropriate. Although it is recommended to set the BIOS to the best setting, the so-called best is not the best. Sometimes the optimal setting can cause the boot or operation to freeze or slow down.

5,It is best to have a regulated power supply to avoid crashing due to unstable voltage.

6,If possible, install a UPS so that the computer does not die after a power failure.

7,Do not use floppy disks and CD-ROMs of unknown origin. for software attached to emails, please use antivirus software such as Rising Star or Rising Star to check before use to avoid infection with viruses that may cause system crashes or slow down.

8,Do not turn off the power when the application software is not finished properly, otherwise it may cause damage or loss of system files and lead to automatic startup or crash when running.

9,When installing the application software, if the “Do you want to overwrite the file” dialog box appears, it is best to choose not to overwrite it. Because the current system files are usually the best, you cannot decide to overwrite files based on chronological order (unless you care about the timing of the files).

10,When uninstalling software, do not delete shared files, as some of them may be used by the system or other programs. Once these files are deleted, the application will not start and crash, or the system will crash.

11,When setting up hardware devices, it is best to check if there is a reserved interrupt number (IRQ) and do not allow other devices to use the interrupt number, otherwise it will cause IRQ conflicts and lead to system crashes.

12,Pay attention to the order when loading some software, because some software is not programmed properly and should not be run in the first place when running, but should be run at the end to avoid confusion in system management.

13,When running large applications (such as OFFICE), do not exit the previously running program in the running state, otherwise it will cause the whole system to crash.

14,In the case of small memory (e.g. 4MB-), it is best not to run applications that take up a lot of memory, otherwise they will easily die when running. It is recommended to save the currently used files in time when running these programs.

15,For system files or important files, it is best to use implicit attributes to avoid deleting or overwriting these files by mistake.

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