Laser Cleaning Machine Market Outlook

In high-end manufacturing, industrial products are plated, phosphated, painted, welded and assembled in such a way that dirt, grease, dust, rust and other contaminants must be removed from the product surface in order to ensure the quality of the workpiece. Due to the high demand for surface cleaning, laser cleaning technology was born.

Laser cleaning technology is considered to be the most reliable and effective surface treatment technology due to its force-free, chemical-free, non-thermal effect and other cleaning characteristics, which are suitable for a wide range of materials. The following will describe the current state of the laser cleaning industry and analyse the market prospects for laser cleaners.

In the field of industrial applications, with the rapid development of laser and the continuous in-depth study of laser cleaning mechanism, surface quality monitoring and characterization means increasingly perfect and comprehensive, the surface quality of laser cleaning materials has been widely used. Improvement, cleaning accuracy and efficiency gradually increased. Today, it has become a reliable technology for cleaning the surface of a large number of different substrates, including steel, aluminium alloys, titanium alloys, glass and composite materials, etc. The application industries cover aerospace, aviation, marine, high-speed railway, automotive, moulds, nuclear power and ships.
Laser cleaning industry status

Laser cleaning is the closest to the international frontier in the field of laser application technology, a new application technology. The domestic pattern is divided into three parts: customers, research institutes and companies.

Domestic universities and research institutes started earlier, but the real focus on the market began with the rapid development of fibre laser technology in recent years. Industry companies are divided into three categories: laser manufacturers, small and medium-sized sales companies, and professional equipment manufacturers. The upstream laser manufacturers are strong, the downstream sales companies are unbalanced, and there are not many professional laser cleaning equipment manufacturers. There are also a large number of laser marking companies on the sidelines.

China’s laser cleaning industry is mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Central China and the Bohai Sea region four major industrial zones, regional concentration is on the rise.

2018 is a good year for laser cleaning to start. Many companies want to laser cleaning as a new growth point for enterprises, but do not dare to easily increase investment, especially for a large number of laser marking enterprises, the risk of transformation is very high. From the current market situation, at this time, the need for industrial development to guide. The good thing is that many industry experts have done a lot of work in this area, such as promoting the establishment of the national and Guangdong Province laser cleaning equipment project fund.

In terms of practical applications, there is a large gap between domestic and international, which is caused by a number of reasons. In addition to the laser cleaning mechanism and process is not mature, equipment also limits the efficiency and accuracy of laser cleaning, especially China can not independently develop high technology power short pulse laser, is a major bottleneck that restricts the development of high performance equipment. Laser cleaning equipment.

Laser cleaning machine market prospects, the application of various industries have obvious advantages

For daily-use industrial products and professional industrial products, the use of surface treatment technology in one or several technologies and processes to achieve the product design or market required functions. In the process of plating, phosphating, spraying, welding, encapsulation and assembly of integrated circuits for industrial products, surface contaminants such as grease, dust, rust, residual solvents and adhesives must be removed to ensure the quality of the next process. . The cleaning industry is currently widely used cleaning methods are mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning, but in the constraints of environmental protection and high-precision market requirements, its application is greatly restricted. The advantages of laser cleaning machines in various industries are obvious.

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