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Aluminum products are commonly used as raw materials for industrial products and have an important role in reducing body power and preventing corrosion. At present, the scope of application is common. Especially in the automotive manufacturing industry, such as engines, wheels, and instrument panels. Processing methods include welding and cutting. Due to the performance of laser welding machine, not only improve the processing efficiency, but also the welding effect is very good, which helps to improve the process of the industry The following is the application of laser welding machine in aluminum products.

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Aluminum laser welding machine products, because the laser achieves a pulsed or continuous laser beam, the laser beam directly in the middle of the aluminum alloy surface, it can quickly spread the heat in the metal surface inside the aluminum alloy, so that the aluminum alloy melt quickly form a weld, while the formation of a reaction force on the molten metal, the molten aluminum alloy surface down to form a small hole.

How to weld aluminum

Almost all welding methods can be used to weld aluminum and aluminum alloys, but aluminum and aluminum alloys have different adaptability to various welding methods.

Gas welding and electrode arc welding methods are simple and easy to operate. Gas welding can be used to weld thin aluminum plates and castings that do not require high welding quality, while electrode arc welding can be used to weld aluminum alloy castings.

Inert gas shielded welding method is the most widely used method for welding aluminum and aluminum alloy. Aluminum and aluminum alloy sheet can be used tungsten AC arc welding and tungsten pulse argon arc welding.

Aluminum and aluminum alloy thick plate can be used tungsten helium arc welding, argon-helium mixed tungsten gas shield welding, melting electrode gas shield welding, pulsed melting electrode gas shield welding.

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Can aluminum be welded

1, aluminum is able to weld, because as long as it reaches its melting point, after heating treatment can melt, and can fill in the gaps in the metal parts, through a reasonable welding method, it can achieve the purpose of welding.

2, but not all materials can be connected by welding, only part of the metal, because it has a better solderability, so it can be connected by tin welding. For example, there are copper or alloy, silver, gold, zinc, these have solderability.

3, but aluminum or stainless steel, compared with the first few metal materials, solderability is slightly worse, so the welding usually need to take special flux or special methods, to be able to tin solder success.

4, the specific time of welding, the first need to weld the surface clean, the above rust, oil, dust and so on should be removed clean. Cleaning with alcohol, you need to pre-solder, first on the tin, and then add the right amount of flux, but can not add too much, not the more the better. If too much, but will lead to an increase in the workload of welding, prolonging the heating time.

How to weld aluminum without a welder

Many people think that the aluminum frame is not strong without welding machine, in fact, you can rest assured about this. So how to realize the connection of aluminum alloy frame without welding machine? I will explain it to you specifically.

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What type of welder for aluminum

The simplest aluminum welding methods are gas welding, electrode arc welding, inert gas welding, etc. Gas welding: such as carbon dioxide and other gases, gas welding can be used for patch welding of thin aluminum plates and castings that do not require high welding quality. Welding rod arc welding: It can be used for the patch welding of aluminum alloy castings, which is a more common welding method.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows welding methods.

  • 1, gas welding: such as carbon dioxide and other gases, gas welding can be used for the patch welding of aluminum sheet and castings that do not require high welding quality.
  • 2, welding rod arc welding: can be used for the patch welding of aluminum alloy castings, is a more common welding method
  • 3, inert gas welding: the use of inert gas isolation air, protection welding boundary point is aluminum and aluminum alloy welding method is the most used a method.
  • 4、Tungsten AC TIG welding or tungsten pulse TIG welding. Aluminum alloy doors and windows can use tungsten helium arc welding, argon-helium mixed tungsten gas protection welding, melting electrode gas protection welding, pulsed melting electrode gas protection welding, etc.
  • 5, resistance spot welding, seam welding, this kind of welding requires high current, high productivity, suitable for mass production of parts.

Can you weld aluminum without gas

High frequency induction brazing can be used to weld aluminum parts without gas.

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How to join aluminum without welding

Aluminum alloy frame is built with aluminum profiles, the whole installation process is completed with accessories, modular assembly method, no welding, simple and convenient assembly.
Commonly used connectors include corner pieces, built-in connectors, anchor pins, hexagonal bolts, half-round head bolts, corner slot connectors, connecting plates, slotted connectors and so on.
Among them, corner pieces and connection plates belong to external connections, which do not need to be punched, and can be fixed directly on the aluminum profile slot pit with bolts and nuts.
The corner slot connectors belong to the slot connectors, which need to be inserted into the profile pits and locked with fastening screws before installation.
built-in connectors, anchor-type connecting pins, hexagonal bolts and half-round head bolts belong to internal connections, which are hidden inside the profile and are aesthetically pleasing, and need to be tapped by drilling holes in the predetermined positions before installation
The slotted connection belongs to the lengthening connection, which can realize the lengthening connection of two profiles.

It can be seen that there are still more ways to connect the aluminum frame without welding, and the aluminum profile accessories can realize the aluminum frame cross connection, right angle connection, T-shaped connection, L-shaped connection, 45 degree angle connection, 135 degree angle connection, extension connection, parallel connection, diagonal splicing and other ways, which are various and meet the use needs of different customers. And do not worry about the connection load-bearing, the use of large specifications of aluminum profiles made of the frame, the connection load-bearing up to 3500 kg or more.

Why welding of aluminium is difficult

Aluminum (Al), as one of the most contacted metals in daily life, aluminum and its alloys have good corrosion resistance, high specific strength, electrical and thermal conductivity; aluminum is widely used in industry because it has good phase properties with many kinds of metals, so the physical and mechanical properties of aluminum alloys can be varied in a wide range. Of course, while aluminum and its alloys bring various excellent characteristics, they also bring inconvenient side, that is, it is difficult to solder. Today we will talk about why aluminum products are not easy to use solder welding?

Aluminum products soldering process produces difficulties in several points.

Aluminum’s oxidation ability is too strong

Aluminum and the affinity for oxygen is very strong, when exposed to air is very easy to combine with oxygen to generate a dense and strong and stable film, thickness of about 0.1μm, melting point of about 2050 ℃, far more than the melting point of aluminum and its alloys, and a large density, about 1.4 times that of aluminum. Therefore, during the soldering process, the film will hinder the bonding between metals and make it difficult to weld.

Easy to produce porosity

After the oxidation of aluminum products, the film is easy to absorb moisture and gas, and it is too late to precipitate during the cooling process after welding, so it will gather within the welding seam to form pores.

The thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity of aluminum are large

The thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity of aluminum is almost twice as much as that of carbon steel and low-level steel. And the thermal conductivity is more than ten times that of austenitic stainless steel. In the process of soldering, a large amount of heat is rapidly conducted into the interior of the base metal, which leads to heat energy in addition to the consumption of melted solder, there is more heat wasted in other locations.

Low strength of aluminum at high temperature

The strength of aluminum at 370°C is only 10Mpa, which may cause deformation due to high temperature during the soldering process and prevent perfect completion of the soldering, and may even collapse or burn through the problem.

The expansion coefficient of aluminum is large

The coefficient of linear expansion of aluminum is twice as large as that of rigid, and the volume shrinkage rate is larger when solidifying, which will deform the soldered parts.

What kind of welder for aluminum

Aluminum alloy welding with AC flame welding or AC TIG welding can be, both welding machines can effectively break the aluminum oxide film produced in the welding process to ensure the quality of welding.
Definition of AC TIG welding.
The welding process using the output of a certain cycle of crossed current, tungsten electrode as the welding electrode, high-purity argon gas as the shielding gas, referred to as AC argon arc welding (TIG), commonly used in non-ferrous metals (aluminum, magnesium, copper, etc.) and ferrous metals (stainless steel, carbon steel, etc.) welding.

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The advantages of laser welding machine in the application of aluminum alloy products.

1、High energy density, low heat input, small thermal deformation, narrow melting zone and heat affected zone, large melting depth.

2, high cooling rate, fine weld tissue, good joint performance.

3、Compared with traditional welding, laser welding does not use electrodes, reducing labor and costs.

4、Electron beam welding does not require vacuum atmosphere, and can choose the shielding gas and shielding pressure. The shape of the welded part is not affected by electromagnetism and does not produce x-rays.

5、It can weld the metal material inside the closed transparent object.

6、The laser can be transmitted over long distances by fiber optics, with good process adaptability. With the cooperation of computer and robot, automation and precision control of welding process can be realized.

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The above is the application of aluminum alloy laser welding machine products. With the popularization of laser processing applications, laser welding machine is used for welding aluminum alloy products with small heat input and concentrated heat source. Especially after the introduction of fiber laser welding machine, the energy density of laser welding is more concentrated, the laser wavelength is shorter, and the high reflectivity is improved. The use of laser wire filling, laser MIG hybrid welding and double point laser welding can significantly improve the forming effect and welding quality of aluminum alloy welding.

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