Analysis of common problems of handheld laser welding machine

Handheld laser welding machine belongs to is a new welding equipment in recent years, the principle of laser welding is the use of electricity, which is converted into laser, high temperature melting the welding wire and the base material so that it can achieve the effect of fusion, but the laser welding machine appeared late, easy to appear some problems that we do not know, today, we will first introduce a part of:.


1:The protection lens of the welding gun’s head consumes too much

Normal welding welding nozzle down, if the vertical welding is from the top down welding, may make sparks fall into the internal head, causing damage, generally flat welding is the head with the material into a 45 ° oblique angle from the front to back welding, replace the protective lens is to pay attention to the surrounding environment, it is best to wrap the outside of the gun head with a patterned paper. Avoid dust into the machine inside the machine to cause a certain degree of damage.


2: Focus mirror, reflector, QBH lens damage

This is in addition to the perishable protective lens gun within the main three lenses, if these three lenses are broken one must remove the welding gun, mail back to the manufacturer to replace in a dust-free environment, lens damage judgment, insufficient power, the laser does not focus dispersion, burning red welding mouth, these situations must stop welding, check the protective lens and other lenses are damaged.

auto wire feeder

3: Wire feeder stalling

If the wire feeder stuck in this situation, the first thing we have to do is to check whether the gun mouth is clogged, the second step is to check whether the wire feeder is clogged, there is a point is whether the wire disc rotation is normal, basically these are the problems, especially some special metal materials welding, such as aluminum, we must pay attention to the next, because the aluminum material hardness is low, so it is easy to cause the card section and the wire feeder is not smooth these situations.

These are some of the common problems of handheld laser welding machine, may not be all listed, these are some relatively common problems, you can take as a reference, there are specific questions can consult us.

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