Can stainless steel tube cnc laser cutting machine cut at an angle

Stainless steel tube laser cutting machine nowadays in the fitness equipment, home industry, sheet metal production, automotive, elevator industry, electrical manufacturing and other enterprises widely used, but the traditional metal laser pipe cutting machine is inefficient, high man-made cost, slow production efficiency, it is difficult to meet the development of the manufacturing industry now.

slant cut tube

Stainless steel tube laser cutting machine with motion mechanical system to achieve the cutting of the pipe, the cut pipe is controlled by intelligent system, can cut any design graphics on the plate. It is fast and precise, and can be formed in a single pass without subsequent processing. No need to cast mold and a machine for multiple uses, can meet the customer’s cutting requirements for the flat plate, but also to meet the pipe round and shaped materials (square steel, flat iron, channel steel, square tube) cutting, to achieve high quality rate of production purposes.

tube laser cutters

The new 6m tube laser cutting machine is simple and generous in appearance, equipped with high power fiber laser, built-in graphic design database, can cut any coffin material and complex graphics, and for different thicknesses of materials, can achieve automatic focus cutting, automatic loading and unloading, cutting section smooth and smooth, no need to do secondary processing, fast, high precision, greatly reducing labor and improve production efficiency.

slant cut tubes

Can stainless steel tube cnc laser cutting machine cut at an angle

It can realize a variety of pipe processing, cutting, miter cutting, hole cutting, 45 degree cutting, phased cutting, miter splicing, etc.

CNC tube laser cutting machine can cut materials.

Stainless steel tube, carbon steel tube, iron tube, seamless tube, galvanized tube and other metal materials such as square tube, round tube, shaped tube, fiber laser with fiber optic substrate, in reducing the threshold, oscillation wavelength range, wavelength tunable performance and other aspects have obvious advantages, especially in the process of metal processing have good performance.

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