Factors that Affect Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine Price

In China, many customers in the purchase of fiber laser tube cutting machine, the first will consult the price of equipment, laser tube cutting machine how much is actually a very general question.
But because of the different configurations, different fiber laser tube cutting machine manufacturer, different degrees of automation fiber laser tube cutting machine price or there is a big difference.

A metal tube fiber laser cutting machine can bring lucrative revenue for the user, the fiber laser cutting machine for tube price on the market today varies, users often feel “dazzled” when choosing “So what factors are determining the fiber laser tube cutting machine price, and how users should go shopping? The following will take you to understand.


Influence the price of metal laser pipe cutting machine offer factors are as follows.

1, brand awareness.

Of course, the size of the brand determines the price of equipment, which is a relatively abstract concept. We can understand it this way, the big brand, the quality of equipment, equipment spare parts, equipment performance, technology, including after-sales service, will be much more secure than the small fiber laser cutting machine tube factory, these are an added value of the product, but also a universal law of the laser pipe cutting machine market, and thus the big brand of laser Tube cutting machine will definitely be higher than the price of small brands.

2, machine width.

fiber laser cutting machine tube factory generally has several specifications of the standard width size, and for the special needs of customers, can also be customized to meet the non-standard size of the customer’s machine. Standard size is fiber tube laser cutting machine factory has been making specifications, while non-standard sizes need to be specially ordered, and therefore custom width than the standard width of the price to be expensive.

3, the brand of the laser.

As we all know, the laser is the core optical components of the laser tube cutter, laser tube cutter brand varies, the quality of the beam also varies greatly, the price of the laser also varies with the brand and there are huge differences.

laser pipe cutter

4, laser pipe cutting machine of other key components.

Other key components such as guide rails, rack and pinion, servo motors, etc., their brands and quality, but also the reason for the price varies.

5, power.

The same brand laser cutting tube machine supplier, the higher the power of the equipment, the higher the price. Thus, before asking for quotations, be sure to be clear about the material you want to cut, thickness, and their needs for cutting speed, capacity.

laser cutter factory

In short, brand awareness is easy to induce customers to laser tube cutting machine purchase, in fact, users in the purchase of cnc tube cutting laser machine, should be combined with the brand, power, after-sales service three aspects of comparison, so that you will get the right laser tube cutting machine.

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