Application of metal laser cutting equipment in the automotive field

Metal laser cutting equipment is widely used in automobile punching and template trimming, especially in the development of new models and small batch production. 3D laser cutting can not only save a lot of molds, but also greatly shorten the development cycle of new models. .

metal laser cutting equipment in the automotive field

Laser cutting can be used for car dashboards (such as for car interiors, exterior panels, front and rear panels and instrument guards, etc.). For example, in order to export the company’s cars to Japan, General Motors of the United States had to change the originally designed left-hand driver’s seat to a right-hand driver’s seat. Therefore, many modifications to the left-hand driver’s seat components are required. They modified the 6 main instrument panels related to the original left-hand driver’s seat (including the inner and outer instrument panels, the front and rear panels and the fenders, etc.)

metal laser cutting equipment in the automotive field

The use of laser cutting shear plates for car bodies is also an important application of laser cutting in the automotive industry. At present, most of the car body panels adopt the tailor-welding method of shearing plates. Due to the strict requirements on the clearance of the welded parts by laser tailoring, it is difficult to meet the requirements with conventional shearing machines. Therefore, many automobile companies also use laser cutting and blanking before laser tailoring. method.

metal laser cutting equipment in the automotive field

The laser texturizes the roll, and the car steel sheet produced by the laser texturized roll can greatly enhance the paint adhesion performance of the car body, and the surface paint of the car body steel plate after laser texturing is smooth and shiny, which greatly improves the The appearance and quality of the car are improved.

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