Stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine for cutting composite board

Stainless steel clad plate generally refers to a bimetallic clad steel plate made of stainless steel as the clad layer, carbon steel or alloy steel as the base layer, and made by rolling and other processes. Generally, the cladding layer is used to ensure the corrosion resistance of the composite steel plate, and the base layer is used to ensure the strength of the composite steel plate. It not only has the excellent properties of corrosion resistance, beautiful durability and formability of stainless steel, but also has the advantages of high strength and low cost of carbon steel, so it is widely used.

The cutting of stainless composite steel plate is different from general gas cutting. Due to the existence of stainless steel layer, it brings certain difficulties to cutting, but it is easier to cut than a single stainless steel plate. When the stainless steel composite steel plate is cut by the general specification for cutting carbon steel, the phenomenon of inability to cut often occurs.

Care should be taken when cutting stainless composite steel plates;

Use lower cutting oxygen pressure
Use higher preheat flame oxygen pressure
Using an isobaric torch
The base layer must be facing upwards and the cutting angle should be inclined forward to increase the thickness of the carbon steel through which the cutting oxygen flow passes
During operation, it should be noted that the cutting oxygen valve should be opened smaller, and the preheating flame should be adjusted larger.

When cutting 16mm+4mm in line with the steel plate, the best process for gas cutting is to use a semi-automatic automatic cutting machine to supply oxygen respectively. The parameters are: cutting oxygen pressure 0.2-0.5mpa, preheating gas pressure 0.7-0.8mpa.

After switching to manual cutting, the cutting process parameters used are: cutting speed 360-380mm/min, oxygen pipeline pressure 0.7-0.8mpa, cutting nozzle diameter 2-2.5mm (G01-300 cutting torch, No. 2 cutting nozzle), The distance between the cutting nozzle and the workpiece is 5-6mm.

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