What Is Metal Corrosion?

What does corrosion mean and what does it involve?

Metallic materials are damaged by the action of the surrounding medium, which is called Metallic Corrosion. Rusting of metals is the most common form of corrosion. During corrosion, a chemical or electrochemical heterogeneous reaction occurs at the interface of the metal, which turns the metal into an oxidized (ionic) state.

This will significantly reduce the strength, plasticity, toughness and other mechanical properties of metal materials, destroy the geometry of metal components, increase the wear between parts, deteriorate electrical and optical physical properties, shorten the service life of equipment, and even cause disasters such as fire and explosion. sexual accident. “

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What are the hazards of metal corrosion?

Metal corrosion to human society brought about by the loss and harm is very huge, mainly in three aspects

Cause the national economy of the great loss and metal material consumption

According to some industrially developed countries, the annual direct economic loss caused by corrosion accounts for about 1.8%-4.2% of the gross national product, the economic loss of corrosion in the United States accounted for 4.2% of the national economic loss, the United Kingdom for 3.5%.

Corrosion causes major accidents and serious environmental pollution

Corrosion can even cause fires, explosions and other major accidents, is a huge loss of equipment and people’s lives and property, corrosion is a major factor affecting the safety of equipment and systems, corrosion leakage will lead to serious pollution of the environment.

Corrosion hinders the development of new technologies, cutting-edge science and defence science and technology

The adoption of new technologies is a great boost to production, but if the corrosion problem is not solved, its application will be seriously hampered

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