Metal large format Tube sheet fiber laser cutting machine advantages

At present, there are more and more laser equipment of various styles on the market, but most of the laser cutting equipment are relatively single function, some have restrictions on the material, some cutting width is too small, some can either only cut the pipe, or only cut the plate, and some can only cut the thin plate and other various single restrictions.

fiber laser cutting machine
fiber laser cutting machine

Large format and full-featured laser cutting machine is there?

The answer is yes! Just do a good job manufacturers are few, and to achieve fast speed can also ensure the accuracy of the equipment is to fully examine. Next, together with the editorial in-depth understanding of the home with the laser production of plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine, a multi-purpose machine, high-speed and efficient.

Multifunctional all-in-one machine: high cost performance

As the name implies tube sheet fiber laser cutting machine for sale is the plate, pipe can be cut and processed equipment, integrated and integrated design, a machine plate tube two uses. Such a large plate and tube laser cutting machine, not only to save the cost of one of the equipment, one machine footprint is saved by half.


Laser cutting machine: high speed and precision

Laser cutting machine equipment linkage speed: 140m / min, acceleration: 1.5G, with high-pressure cast aluminum beam, good dynamic performance, strong resistance to deformation, light weight, high strength, more durable, the beam can get a higher dynamic response to improve the processing speed.

Auto focus function laser head, focus can be automatically adjusted, software can automatically and quickly change different focus mirrors to meet the different thickness of the plate cutting, simple and convenient, fast and accurate operation. x/y axis positioning accuracy: ± 0.03mm, x/y axis repeat positioning accuracy: ± 0.02mm, laser cutting accuracy of 0.01mm, really realize the processing needs of fast speed and high precision.

tube laser cutter

Plate and tube laser cutting integrated machine: wide range of applications

The application range of plate and tube laser cutting integrated machine is very wide, the preferred basis is the processing width of 3000X1500, can meet the needs of various widths of very wide plate cutting processing. Can also apply a variety of shapes of the pipe, the clamping of the equipment applicable round pipe: Φ16-Φ155mm square pipe: □16-□155mm rectangular pipe: external circle diameter ≤ 155mm , the equipment can easily cope with a variety of shapes of the pipe, and the equipment can process the pipe length of 6000 materials.

Tube sheet fiber laser cutting machine material is also very wide range of applications, can be thin, medium and thick rusty steel plate, iron plate, aluminum plate, carbon steel and other materials for flexible and efficient cutting and perforation, easily cope with a variety of metal materials.

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