How much does the laser cleaning machine cost?

Laser cleaning machine compared to traditional cleaning or have a lot of advantages, laser cleaning has the characteristics of environmental protection, is not the characteristics of traditional cleaning, the shortcomings of the traditional cleaning methods, prompted the application of laser technology in the field of surface cleaning.

How much does the laser cleaning machine cost?

Handheld Laser Welding Cleaner 1000w Price $5500
1500w handheld laser cleaning and descaling machine price $6000
2000w laser cleaning and descaling machine price $8000

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The use of traditional cleaning methods in the cleaning process will inevitably have a certain amount of consumables, and need to clean a long time, the process is also more, the entire cleaning down time will be longer, if the amount of cleaning is relatively large, also need a lot of manpower to complete the cleaning operations.

The use of traditional cleaning methods may be the initial investment costs less, but later need to invest in materials, operators on the cost of a certain amount of money, the later need to spend how much cost is also an unknown. Then use the laser cleaning machine cost how much?

Laser cleaning machine speed, high efficiency, but also with automated cleaning, saving time and effort, so the use of laser cleaning is only a one-time investment, the back does not need to invest in a large cost.


Laser cleaning equipment can be used when powered on, and power consumption is small.
There is no waste generated during the cleaning process, green and environmentally friendly.
Laser cleaning equipment is easy to learn, only one or two operators can use the laser cleaning equipment to clean the workpiece, and the cleaning effect is guaranteed.
Laser cleaning equipment can also be used with automation to complete the cleaning operation, to improve efficiency, greatly saving financial and material resources.

Compared to traditional cleaning methods, laser cleaning in the follow-up work without processing, greatly improving efficiency, reducing the labour intensity of workers, to solve the problem of production costs, laser cleaning has more advantages.

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