Oscillating Knife VS Laser Cutting Machine

fiber laser cutter
fiber laser cutter

What is cnc vibration knife cutting machine

The cnc vibration knife cutting machine is a kind of CNC cutting machine tool. Its principle is similar to that of a saw blade. It mainly uses the vibration of the blade and the movement of the mechanical shaft to complete the cutting process. The edge of the cut finished product is smooth, and the size of the cut piece is accurate, odorless, and more environmentally friendly. According to different processing needs, the vibrating knife can also be replaced with other tools such as wheel cutter, half-cut cutter, drag cutter, oblique cutter, drag cutter, milling cutter, etc.

What is laser cutter

Laser cutting is also a CNC cutting machine. The principle is to use a high-energy laser beam to evaporate holes on the material. As the laser moves, the holes continuously form narrow slits to complete the cutting of the material.

Lasers are classified according to their properties:

  • CO2 laser machine
  • Fiber laser machine
  • UV laser machine

    1.Different cutting materials

    CNC vibration knife cutting machine is mainly used for cutting non-metallic flexible materials, including fiber, glass fiber, fiber cotton, prepreg, aramid fiber, ceramic fiber, cloth, wire loop, leather, felt, carpet, sound-absorbing cotton, silicone, rubber , kt board, etc.

    Laser cutting machine can process metal and non-metal materials. In addition to soft materials such as leather cloth, it can also process metal materials such as steel, alloy, aluminum, copper, etc., and the processing range is wider.

    2.Different cutting effects

    Due to the difference in processing principles, the effects of vibrating knife cutting machine and metal laser cutting machine are naturally very different after processing.

    The vibrating knife cutting machine is a fast vibrating knife, cutting the piece with high-frequency vibration up and down, and the direction of movement is controlled by numerical control, and the cutting effect is achieved through tens of thousands of vibrations per minute. Therefore, the processed material has smooth edges and will not be affected by heat.

    The metal laser cutting machine has high processing accuracy, the highest processing accuracy can reach 0.02mm or even lower, and the kerf produced by laser processing is very small, because the diameter of the beam and spot is small, the cutting can usually be less than 0.5mm. Using computer programming, precise processing, high material utilization, lower production costs, not limited by the number of processing, can be put into mass production.

    3.The difference in equipment cost

    The difference in cost between the two is huge.

    The price of cnc vibration knife cutting machine is not expensive, and you can buy one for tens of thousands of yuan. Even if you improve the configuration and add functions such as visual recognition, it will not be too expensive. Therefore, the price difference between different vibration knife cutting machines Not very big.

    The price of metal laser cutting machines varies from high to low. The main difference lies in the power. The price ranges from tens of thousands to millions of yuan. If it is also used for cutting flexible materials, the cost of laser cutting machines is only slightly higher than that of vibrating knives.

    In addition to acquisition costs, equipment maintenance and update costs also vary. The vibrating knife equipment is cut with a knife, which has a lot of daily wear and tear, and the knife needs to be replaced frequently. The laser machine is non-contact processing, the main loss is the laser, its durability is much higher than that of the tool, so the maintenance cost of the laser cutting machine will be lower.

    laser cutter
    laser cutter
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