Metal Tube Laser Cutter Vs Tube and Plate Laser Cutting Machine

After the epidemic, with the slow recovery and development of the industrial market, three-dimensional pipe cutting has been favored by many industrial To know which device is right for you, take a look at this article.

tube laser cutter
tube laser cutter

Advantages of metal tube laser cutting machine:

  1. For all kinds of round pipes, square pipes, angle steel channel steel, U-cut pipes, special-shaped pipes and other pipes.
  2. The cutting precision is higher and the efficiency is faster.
  3. Pipe multi-function cutting (such as disconnection, punching, bevel cutting, intersecting hole cutting, arc cutting, pipe engraving, etc.).
fiber laser cutting machine
tube and plate laser cutting machine

Advantages of tube and plate laser cutting machine:

  1. One machine is multi-purpose, it can cut thick and thin, or cut plate or pipe, which can reduce the occupied area and save the investment cost.
  2. Professional laser cutting system, which can cut plates at any time, cut pipe conversion, has the functions of graphic layout and sharp corner smoothing, can realize high-speed punching and marking functions, and the cutting head can automatically find the center position of the pipe.
  3. Sustainable cutting of high reverse materials such as red copper, brass and galvanized sheet to achieve high-precision cutting of metal plates;
tube (3)


The tube and plate laser cutting machine has advantages in cutting the plate, and the general cutting tube can also be cut; the metal tube laser cutting machine cannot cut the plate, but the cutting tube has high precision and strong process engraving, which can meet the requirements of many cutting tubes.

If there are both pipes and plates in metal processing, and the pipe processing volume is relatively small, the plate-tube integrated cutting machine is more suitable. If the pipe processing volume is large, it is recommended to buy a metal tube laser cutting machine. After understanding, you can buy according to your needs!

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