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  • Simple integrated design, high laser conversion efficiency, longer life.
  • Snap jaw fixed grip design, can try different tubes under the rapid adjustment

  • Realize the reprocessing process to make high precision products.

tube and plate fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers

Plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine. One machine can be used for two purposes, cutting plates and tubes, meeting different processing needs of customers, greatly saving input costs and site area, and improving production efficiency. Available laser power range is from 1000W-6000W.

plate and tube fiber laser cutting machine for sale

fiber laser cutting machine

1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w 6000w cheapest plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine for iron steel aluminum copper plate sheet

Model: 1000w 1500W 2000w 3000w plate- tube fiber laser cutting machine for sale
Category: plate- tube fiber laser cutting machine
Standard price: from $35000 (depending on configuration)
Availability: 30 sets per month in stock!

features of the plate and tube fiber laser cutting machine

metal plate and tube laser cutting machineParameters


Strong & Stable Welded Bed

The bed is welded with large thickness square tubes, which has stiffeners inside to increase the structure strength and tensile
strength, the working performance is stable.With high temperature annealing and natural aging, the welding stress is eliminated, which can prevent the deformation of the bed, reduce vibration and guarantee a good cutting accuracy.


Auto Focus Laser Cutting Head

Laser head with automatic focus function, which can adjust the focus automatically, no need to adjust it by hand. The software can change the focusing lenses automatically according to the different thicknesses of the materials. It can shorten the perforation time,improve the perforation quality and cutting speed. It’s simple, convenient and fast.

laser control system

Intelligent Software

Adopts high definition toughened glass, intelligent touch, fast response and smoother operation. Ultra low power consumption and
high resolution.
The new intelligent alarm system is pushed to the interface through the control center to find abnormalities in advance, quickly
eliminate and feed back, reduce hidden dangers, and there is no danger in remote alarm operation

servo motor and drivers

Automatic Pneumatic Chuck

High speed,high precision,high reliability,high power.Gantry double drive mechanism has high damping coefficient, good rigidity,could withstand high speed and high acceleration.

chuck tube

Automatic Pneumatic Chuck

The pneumatic chucks are 3 times faster than electric chucks due to one-key clamping and auto centering. With large and constant
clamping force, heavy tubes will be clamping stably. Two rows of rollers are adopted for a wide range of clamping and high cutting

Cutting product effect display

Metal tube and plate fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for variety of metal plates/tube, stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet/tube, brass plate/tube, aluminum plate/tube, manganese steel, all kinds of alloy plates/tubes, rare metals etc.


china desktop laser cutter for metal

fiber laser cutter

Fiber Laser cutter cutting stainless steel


Laser cutting machine to cut 12mm carbon steel

Application field of sheet and tube laser cutting machine

  • Machinery industry: agricultural machinery, textile machinery, engineering machinery, medical equipment, refrigeration equipment, environmental protection equipment and other industries.
  • Manufacturing industry: automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, elevator manufacturing, chassis cabinet, fitness equipment, mechanical parts, electrical cabinet and other industries.
  • Advertising industry: decoration engineering, advertising signs, steel structure and other industries.
  • Processing industry: sheet metal processing, furniture, kitchenware, household appliances, metal crafts, hardware tool processing and other industries.
  • Precision industry: aerospace, railroad locomotive, precision parts, electronic appliances and other industries.
kitchen equipment

kitchen equipment

Billboard production

Billboard production

Car manufacturer

Fitness Equipment

Fitness Equipment

Car manufacturer

Hardware tool industry

Hardware tool industry

construction machinery

construction machinery

3 advantages of sheet metal and tube cutting fiber laser machine.

Stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine

1, plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine equipped with cutting plate and tube double platform, can realize plate and tube double cutting function. One equipment to complete multiple processes, not only can reduce the footprint of the equipment, but also reduce the cost of investment in equipment.

2, laser processing using a unified fixture tooling, the entire processing process is completed by the programming software. Using laser cutting processing products, smooth cutting section, small slit, the overall workpiece finished without deformation, can directly into the next process.

3、The processing speed of the tube plate integrated laser cutting machine is tens of times faster than the traditional processing method, and it can realize batch processing. The processing can be cut at any time, the conversion of the plate, pipe cutting, production efficiency has increased significantly.

Although both have their advantages, but there is no absolute advantage, only the right equipment for you. For example, sheet metal processing plant, plate and tube are involved, when the pipe fittings processing less, but must have, the choice of plate and tube integrated machine is very suitable, tube sheet metal cnc fiber laser cutting machine is mainly for the cutting of plates, tubes are only a small amount. Well, having said that, do you already have a general understanding of the model you will choose? If so, you are welcome to come to SUNSHAN factory for a site visit.

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China metal tube and plate fiber laser cutting machine suppliers

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Collection of Fiber Laser Cutting machine Questions

First of all, we need to make it clear that fiber laser cutting machine is a metal cutting machine category, so only cut metal materials, such as glass, wood, cloth and leather can not be cut.

For example, glass, wood, cloth and leather can not be cut, the reason is that laser cutting is a thermal processing method, some flammable items can not use laser cutting. There is a laser cutting machine wavelength range is not in the absorption range of such materials, to achieve the most ideal cutting effect.

Secondly, some highly reflective metals are not recommended for long-term cutting, such as copper, aluminum and other rare metal materials. The reason is its highly reflective nature, its own absorption of energy is not much, most of the energy is reflected back, will cause damage to the protective lens in front of the laser head. Long-term use for cutting this material process will become worse and worse, but also increase the use of consumables, increasing the cost of cutting.

Plate and tube integration, can realize plate processing and tube processing in one machine. Easy to operate and save floor space. It can be realized that one person can support 2 or even more employees, saving labor and labor cost is really convenient. Compared with other cutting processes, tube and plate integrated laser cutting machine has better processing flexibility, can process any graphics, but also cut shaped materials such as tubes. Its flexibility increasingly provides support for individual processing

There are sheet metal laser cutting machines and tube laser cutting machines on the market, but there are some industries where customers need to cut more than just plate and tube bodies. Both square and round tubes require different equipment from the platform, hence the production of the tube and plate all-in-one laser cutting machine. The tube and plate all-in-one machine adopts gantry structure, and the dual control system can well distinguish the cutting of tubes and cutting plates without affecting each other, while meeting the needs of tube and plate cutting.

Tube and plate all-in-one laser cutting machine is essentially two sets of cutting equipment. The cutting plate box is an ordinary fiber laser cutting machine, which can meet the cutting process of metal plates of various materials and presents no exception to the cutting effect. The pipe cutting is using clamping and rotating equipment to fix the pipe, and the laser head and clamping equipment can move at the same time to make the pipe cutting more flexible.

The tube and plate integrated laser cutting machine is relatively large, because it needs to meet the cutting of both plate cutting and tube cutting materials, and the width is also determined by the requirements of the processing party. The width of the fiber laser cutting machine is usually in conventional format, and the length of the pipe cutting machine is longer, up to 3-6 meters, and the width is smaller.

The tube and plate all-in-one machine is a product required by individual industries, and its service life and maintenance intervals are in line with fiber laser cutting machines. The price of tube and plate all-in-one machine is not cheap, good product and good after-sales service is our standard, save your heart and mind.

About cnc fiber laser cutting machine quality, every machine, including every
machine parts, must be tested carefully, and every machine before delivery.
We can promise: The whole fiber laser cutting machine can work well.

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he plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine can cut all kinds of metal plates, such as stainless steel plates, carbon steel plates, aluminum alloy plates, etc. And it can also meet the cutting of various tubes, such as stainless steel tubes, aluminum alloy tubes, carbon steel tubes, aluminum tubes, copper tubes, etc. A plate and tube dual-purpose laser cutting machine allows metal cutting machine manufacturers to save the cost of one machine, and one machine will occupy less factory area.

The plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine can be said to be multi-purpose, allowing metal cutting machine manufacturers to cover most industries with just one machine. If they buy a plate and tube one piece laser cutting machine, the manufacturer will not have to worry about changing machines if they change industries.

The plate and tube all-in-one laser cutting machine uses a fiber laser generator that can cut metals with smaller focused spots, finer cutting lines, higher efficiency and better processing quality. At the same time, the optical fiber photoelectric conversion efficiency of up to about 30%, more energy efficient, more energy-saving, more environmentally friendly, for manufacturers to reduce expenses. No laser working gas, fiber optic transmission, no reflector, can save a lot of maintenance costs.

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