Laser welding processing, it’s so powerful

Personally, I think the welding processing technology, laser welding processing is greater, it can stand out in many welding technology is also justified. The emergence of this technology has led the electrical and other industries into a new era, laser welding technology is not just a welding technology only, but also a driving force for many industries to improve product quality. So what are the advantages of laser welding processing technology, the next and you talk about.

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First of all, laser welding processing technology processing efficiency than other welding processing

Technology is much higher, and the welding depth of this technology is greater, the most important thing is also not easy to make the welding workpiece deformation.

Secondly, laser welding technology can be carried out at various temperatures

Especially in special conditions for welding processing operations, laser welding equipment is also very simple to operate. The laser beam is not easily deflected, thus avoiding welding errors; laser welding equipment can be operated in vacuum pumps and certain vapor environments, and it can weld glass or other fully transparent materials.

Third, laser welding technology can weld materials with high melting points.

For example, titanium and calcite, etc., can also be heterogeneous material arc welding, the most important thing is that the welding effect is also very good.

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Fourth, when the laser focus is completed,

its power will be very high, in this case, can be welded deep aspect ratio can reach 5:1, the best welding effect can reach 1:1.

Fifth, laser welding process can weld small parts.

When the parallel beam passes through the focus point, it will produce a very small spot, which can then be precisely positioned to the welding position so that micro and small steel parts can be welded.

Sixth, laser welding processing technology can also weld many inconvenient locations,

Even longer distances can be welded by adjusting the spotting point, so it will have a strong coordination ability. In the YAG laser cutting processing technology, and with the addition of fiber optic transmission technology, which makes the laser welding processing has been more commonly promoted and used.

Seventh, the laser welding equipment laser beam

Can keep the light according to the space and time photometry, can be multi-beam together production processing as well as multi-jig finishing, can be said to be a great tool for precision electric welding and processing.

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