What are the systems of industrial laser cleaning equipment

Laser technology is a new technology developed rapidly in recent years, has been widely used in industry, military, agriculture and other fields. With the continuous improvement of the level of research and development, china laser cleaner technology began to integrate with other technologies, laser cleaning equipment is the product developed in this context. So, what are the systems of laser cleaning equipment?

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1、Cleaning system

Laser cleaning equipment cleaning system is mainly for semiconductor lasers, acousto-optic modulators, laser crystals, frequency doubling crystals and other meta-parts to control the temperature control accuracy. The cold end of the cooler of the cleaner is in good contact with the copper heat sink, and a thin layer of heat-conductive silicone grease is applied to the contact surface, and the hot end uses a fan and a heat sink to dissipate heat from the hot end.

2、Control equipment

Control system is the nerve center of the entire cleaning equipment, mainly on the LD power supply, sound and light Q switch drive source, refrigeration system, vibration mirror and other components to control. By adjusting the controller panel to repeat the frequency adjustment button and output power button to obtain different output parameters of the laser beam. The control system panel also sets buttons for opening, standby, working, emergency stop and alarm indicator. When the internal temperature of the cleaning equipment exceeds the set limit temperature, the system will issue an alarm signal and automatically cut off the power supply and stop working.

3、Drainage system

After cleaning, users pour off the sewage process, because the product itself is oval-shaped, not large but has a certain weight, resulting in the process of pouring water is not convenient and humane enough. After use, the body needs to be manually wiped clean to maintain the body and avoid rusting of the stainless steel interior due to oxidation. The lid is equipped with an internal snap structure and rubber, which is used to solve the problem of water leakage when the product is placed flat for use.

The bottom has a rubber material base, non-slip and can reduce the noise of ultrasonic vibration. The appearance is mainly made of ABS plastic with a frosted metal-clad lid, highlighting the product’s sense of technology and making it more accessible.

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Laser cleaning technology has now begun to be gradually promoted, to a large extent, led to the change and development of the cleaning industry. In the future, this product will be more widely used, laser cleaning machine for sale will also be further enhanced and developed. From this aspect, the future of the equipment will benefit human society.

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