Laser Cutting Machine for High Precision Machining of Aluminium Plates

Aluminum plates are more common in metal materials, and are widely used in many industries, such as kitchenware, chassis, electric cabinets, doors and windows manufacturing and other industries. However, there are almost few high -precision aluminum plate cutting equipment, especially high -precision aluminum plate cutting equipment. The following Chinese sheet metal laser cutting machine manufacturers will introduce you to the laser cutting machine applied to aluminum plate high -precision processing.

aluminum plate
aluminum plate

The aluminum plate has the characteristics of high reflection, which is more difficult to cut for optical fiber laser cutting machines. However, with the continuous development of laser cutting machines, the power is getting greater. Aluminum plate cutting has gradually become a simple matter.

Aluminum plate laser cutting machines are mainly used to process thin aluminum plates, and aluminum materials that generally have a thickness of less than 5mm. The aluminum plate laser cutting machine not only cuts fast, but also has simple and fast operation. It does not need to be made of clumsy people. Through high -tech computer software design, the device can make precise processing of metal materials to cut out any complex graphic parts.

How much power does an aluminum plate laser cutting machine take?

The aluminum plate laser cutting machine should consider the reflection of the cutting, so it is the safer to penetrate the aluminum plate when cutting, so that it will not cause laser reflex to burn the laser. Therefore, it is generally recommended to cut aluminum plates to choose more power laser cutting machines larger than cutting carbon steel. Generally, 1-3 thick aluminum boards are recommended to choose 1500W or more power. The thickest of 6000W can be cut to 16mm, and 4500W is not available to 12mm.

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