A Guide to Industrial Laser Cleaning Machine

Industrial laser cleaners (or laser descaling machines) have recently become increasingly popular in the industrial market, where the traditional cleaning model is relatively slow and so time consuming. This article tells you how to choose a laser cleaner。

What is a laser cleaner?

Using a high energy laser beam to irradiate the surface of the workpiece for cleaning work

The role of industrial laser cleaning machine?

To remove dirt, grease, dust, rust and other contaminants from the surface of industrial products.

Features of industrial laser cleaners.

No force, no chemical reaction, no thermal effect

3 in 1 handheld laser cleaning, weldings
3 in 1 handheld laser cleaning, weldings

What is laser cleaning technology

Laser cleaning is the use of high energy density laser beam irradiation to the surface of the workpiece to be cleaned, such as: tyre mould cleaning, metal surface rust removal, weld cleaning, metal oxide film cleaning, steel pipe paint and oil removal, etc., so that the surface of the rust spots, oil and other substances left on the surface instantly evaporate or fall off, with non-abrasive, non-contact, low heat effect. It can achieve high efficiency and rapid removal of adhesions and excess layers from the workpiece and is considered the most effective workpiece cleaning solution.

laser rust machine (1)
laser rust machine

What are the characteristics of industrial laser cleaners

1.The highly concentrated laser beam generates very high thermal energy around the spot, so that dirt can be quickly vaporised and evaporated or instantly peeled off.

2. laser beam scattering small, directional stability, we can control the different diameter of the laser beam spot to adjust the energy density of the laser, so that the dirt to heat and then change. When the expansion force of the dirt > the adsorption force of the dirt on the substrate, the adhesion of the above will be separated and fall off.

3. laser cleaning beam can be generated by a high frequency ultrasonic waves in the solid surface, so that the mechanical resonance, so that the dirt quickly broken and off.

Compared with the traditional mechanical, chemical corrosion, strong impact cleaning methods, laser cleaning technology has more efficient, fast, low cost and other advantages. Not only will not cause any form of damage to the substrate material, and in today’s era when the world is focused on environmental protection, the use of laser cleaning machine equipment will not cause pollution to our environment, and the operator’s body will not cause harm to the future is a major trend in industrial cleaning.

laser rust cleaning machine gun
laser rust cleaning machine gun

Industrial laser cleaning machine price general

Industrial laser cleaning machine price equipment price in about 6000 US dollars, but we need to be purchased according to the scope of cleaning, cleaning programs, etc. with different lasers, scenarios, cabinet style and other configurations.

Laser cleaning VS traditional cleaning phase

laser cleaning more “green” environmental protection

Laser cleaning is an environmentally friendly cleaning method. Small size, easy to store, can be recycled, basically do not pollute the environment. And, a non-contact cleaning method.

Most of the traditional cleaning methods for contact cleaning, cleaning the surface of the object to produce mechanical force, damage to the surface of the object or cleaning media adhered to the surface of the object to be cleaned, can not be removed, causing secondary pollution.

laser cleaning is cleaner and more efficient

Laser cleaning can remove all kinds of pollutants on the surface of various materials, uniform cleaning, high cleanliness, cleanliness is much higher than the chemical cleaning process. Laser cleaning can be adjusted by the laser process parameters, effective purification of the surface without damaging the substrate.

However, the traditional cleaning method cleaning effect is good, the efficiency is generally. Chemical cleaning and mechanical polishing can cause uneven cleaning, causing some damage to the workpiece.

Laser cleaning operation is more simple

Laser cleaning operation is simple and can be easily automated, and handheld equipment is very flexible. The laser can be transmitted via optical fibre, with robots and robots to easily achieve remote operation, which can clean parts that are not easily accessible by traditional methods. This ensures the safety of personnel when used in some dangerous locations.

However, chemical cleaning and mechanical friction cleaning processes are more complex and require safety measures to be taken. Ultrasonic cleaning, although simple to operate, but also need to manually add supplies.

laser cleaning machine cost is low

Laser cleaning of the first purchase cost is high, but no consumables, low maintenance costs. It only needs power.

Traditional cleaning equipment, although the initial purchase of the machine than the laser cleaning to low, but the later maintenance costs good, especially the high cost of consumables.

laser cleaning machines

In today’s environmental awareness and safety consciousness continue to strengthen, industrial cleaning how to carry out a safer and more environmentally friendly, simple and efficient, and does not hurt the surface of the workpiece cleaning method has become the focus of attention.

With the continuous innovation and perfection of technology, laser cleaning technology has entered the public eye. Laser cleaning machine equipment can not only clean organic pollutants, but also be able to clean inorganic substances, including metal rust, metal particles, dust, rapid paint removal, oil removal, etc..

How fast can metal laser cleaning machine clean the weld seam?

As a new field of laser applications – laser cleaning technology, its principle is the use of narrow pulse width, high power density laser action on the surface of the object to be cleaned, in the rapid light vibration, gasification, decomposition and plasma stripping and other mechanisms under the joint action, so that the pollutants from the substrate, to achieve surface cleaning.

Currently it can be applied to cleaning solid electrodes, rubber tyre moulds, aero-engine blades, weapons maintenance, large mirrors (such as astronomical telescopes), magnetic heads, anilox rollers (without damaging the walls of the mesh cavities), and can perfectly and thoroughly remove dry ink, adhesives, steel chips from plates and scrapers, etc., oily substances floating on the water and oil spots on the road, old signs, zebra lines, etc., marble refurbishment, stainless steel and other metal product surfaces Cleaning treatment, car maintenance rust removal and paint stripping, cleaning of cultural relics. Rust and film removal, paint and plastic removal, degreasing and wax removal, oil and dirt removal, removal of oxidation skin, the scope of application is extremely wide.

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