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Have you been looking for a CNC tube laser cutting machine at the right price?Then I’m here to tell you all about Laser cutting tube machine!Do you want to BUY affordable metal tube laser cutting machine for stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, aluminum, copper and other metal tubes, nickel, lead and other in USA, UK, UAE, Canada, Australia, Russia, South Africa, China, India or other countries in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Oceania? Metal manufacturing?

Check out the best fibre tube laser cutting machine 2022 buying guide for metal workers, metal manufacturers, operators, machinists, hobbyists, small businesses, home stores, schooling, commercial use and industrial manufacturing, we will provide you with the cheapest customized tube in 2022 laser cutting machine stainless steel square tube laser cutting machine service to meet your CNC laser metal cutting ideas, projects and plans.

Technology has long entered a stage of rapid development, so in our lives can also be seen regularly round tube laser cutting machine, which has gradually replaced the traditional processing equipment, but also used in a variety of different industries.

As an overview, some of the best fibre tube laser cutting machines are.


What is fiber tube laser cutting machine

It is a kind of fiber laser cutting machine, also called professional laser tube cutting machine (pipe laser tube cutting machine, metal laser tube cutting machine), which is a kind of metal tube cutting machine made by fiber laser.

It is actually a tool that uses laser to cut items. It can cut rectangular tubes, round tubes and shaped tubes and other profiles with high speed and high quality, it is a common tool for cutting metal tube materials.

The cutting principle used in the pipe laser cutting machine is a high-performance laser cutter, in the cutting process the laser will emit numerous high-performance, high-energy laser rays, the huge energy generated by these laser rays can instantly vaporize the cut surface, so that the very hard interface can be easily removed.

Components of cnc fiber tube laser cutting machine.

Laser, cutting head, water cooler, chuck, operating system, servo motor, bed and other components

1、Operating table and cutting head.

It is used to control the whole working process of the cutting device. The cutting head, which can be programmed to move along a certain axis, is composed of many transmission parts, such as servo motors and gears, or filaments, etc. The cutting head also includes many parts, such as focus mirrors, lens holders and auxiliary gas nozzles, etc.

2, the chiller unit.

Laser tube cutting machine chiller, mainly used for cooling the laser generator. Can also cool the machine’s optical reflector and focusing mirror to ensure the stability of the beam transmission, but also to prevent the occurrence of the lens temperature is too high, and blow up or deformation.

3, gas cylinder.

Laser pipe cutting machine gas cylinder, including the working medium of the gas cylinder, also includes the auxiliary gas cylinder, it can supplement some auxiliary gas, the role is also very important.

Laser cutting machine for tube can cut what tube

laser cutting machine for tube can process all kinds of metal tubes, such as: stainless steel tubes, copper tubes, aluminum tubes, galvanized tubes, round tubes, flat tubes, even shaped tubes can be cut. Carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, aluminum, copper and other metal tubes, and a variety of high hard and brittle alloy materials with excellent processing results. It can also cut, open hole, miter cut, 45 degree cut, phase cut, miter cut and spell cut, hollow out punching and other holes. 

laser tube cut pipe

Tube fiber laser cutting machine specifications

China metal tube laser cutting machine manufacturers of laser cutting machine are generally available: 6 m 9 m 12 m tube fiber cutting laser machine

Laser tube cutting machine application industry

Many people have heard of the round tube laser laser cutting machine, but for its role in the industry is not a lot of understanding, it can not only be used in the automotive industry, the usual advertising industry, the cabinet industry, sheet metal processing industry can all see.

laser cutter factory

Advantages of pipe laser cutting machine

1、Fast laser processing speed

2, stainless steel laser cutting machine using the “tool” is a focused point of light, no need to add other equipment and materials, as long as the laser can work properly, it can be a long time continuous processing

3, laser processing by the computer automatically controlled, production without human intervention operation.

4、Laser processing is flexible and easy to change, only need to draw out the processing diagram on the computer, the product can come out immediately, saving the conventional mold making fee, avoiding the differentiated production of the same product and reducing the risk of product backlog.

What is the price of fiber laser pipe cutting machine

When customers have a detailed understanding of our products, especially about the price of the laser pipe cutting machine. At present, there are a wide range of products in the domestic market with different prices.

As far as the current market situation is concerned, the price of fiber laser pipe cutting machine ranges from several hundred thousand to several hundred. Why there is such a big difference, in addition to the size of the width of different models of cutting machines according to different, it is particularly important to look at the configuration of the machine. The same product, the configuration of high and low prices are certainly different.

laser tube cutter
laser tube cutter

How cnc laser fiber tube cutting machine works

The emergence of laser tube cutting machines has brought about a disruptive change in the traditional metal tube industry cutting process. Laser tube cutting machine has the characteristics of high automation, high efficiency, high output, no need to change the corresponding saw blade for different materials of the tube, no need to stop in the middle, very suitable for mass production.

I. Double drive chuck structure

In terms of mechanical structure, the laser pipe cutting machine adopts a unique double-drive pneumatic chuck rotating structure, through the movement of the machine tool to cut the pipe processing, with the table along the workpiece axial movement, can achieve a variety of lengths of metal pipe full stroke automatic cutting, greatly reducing the manual loading and unloading time.

II. Digital cutting control system

The laser cutting machine adopts digital system control, which provides advanced cutting process and rich cutting experience for pipe cutting, which can make the cutting operator skilled and easy to use, and can quickly achieve rapid cutting of multi-shape, multi-directional and multi-size pipes, which not only achieves the accuracy of cutting, but also ensures the flexibility of cutting.

tube laser cutters
tube laser cutters

How to choose china tube laser cutting machine manufacturers

First, according to the demand to choose

In the purchase of cnc laser tube cutting machine before, first of all to clarify the size of their own processing pipe size and other data, so as to choose the corresponding laser tube cutting machine, and then need to match the corresponding laser tube cutting machine through their own process needs.

For example, processing pipe wall thickness up to 12mm, pipe diameter up to φ220mm, pipe length up to 5.5m, only need to cut off, without punching carving and other processes. Then according to this requirement we can match to 3000W power, chuck diameter φ220mm, 6m long equipment. These data are just to meet the demand, customers can communicate with the corresponding manufacturers according to the long-term intention.

Second, according to the after-sales service to choose

Laser equipment is generally valued at hundreds of thousands to more than one million, the use of the process will inevitably have failures, before buying or more detailed understanding of the after-sales process, so as to avoid the failure of the after-sales process is not clear or no after-sales and delay production. Remember to be in the tube laser cutting machine manufacturers direct purchase, do not go to the agent to buy, or after-sales problems will have a certain lag or no after-sales. Of course, their own side of the maintenance team manufacturers can consider on their own.

Third, according to the brand and budget to choose

Choose a good reputation and brand cnc laser tube cutting machine factories, because these brand manufacturers after years of progress in research and development, will certainly be more stable than some new brands of fiber laser cutting machine for tube. When the budget is limited, you can give up the expensive big brand manufacturers and choose the best among the niche brands, you can choose the most suitable for you by making a field trip to the factory site to see the actual cutting effect.

laser tube cutter bed

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