What is the difference between laser rust removal and sandblasting?

The principle of laser rust removal is to use laser irradiation on the surface of the object so that the surface dirt (rust, paint, oil, oxidation layer, etc.) absorbs the energy of the laser, thus producing a change in the coefficient of thermal expansion, the surface dirt will be loosened, the cleaning process will have a high intensity vibration, this vibration will let the loose dirt directly by the laser shattered into dust, gas, laser rust removal machine itself will have a dust-absorbing device, cleaning down the dirt will The laser rust remover itself will have a dust-absorbing device, and the cleaned dirt will be absorbed directly without any impact on the environment.

The cleaning method is similar to laser descaling, both are physical impact cleaning, but in terms of consumables, there are more consumables for sand blasting descaling, after all, sand is needed, and the cost of sand is also very high. This will not damage the surface of the object.

Overall both are physical cleaning process, due to the many advantages of laser rust removal, the traditional cleaning process has been gradually replaced by the laser cleaning process, whether from the manual, efficiency, financial resources, are slightly better.

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