Laser Cleaning Machine One Minute to Clean A Square Meter

With the rapid changes in science and technology, fiber laser cleaner rust removal laser cleaning machine equipment development and production technology continues to improve, practical skills continue to progress, so that laser cleaning is gradually being widely used in mold manufacturing, automotive high speed rail manufacturing and maintenance, aviation and shipping.

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Laser cleaning machine one minute to clean a square meter

What can clean a square meter in a minute, simple operation with good results, the answer is laser cleaning machine, laser cleaning machine is divided into different power, efficiency is not the same, for floating rust cleaning can be used in low-power equipment, paint cleaning needs to use high-power, welding before and after the surface cleaning treatment needs to use medium-power equipment, under normal circumstances, high efficiency requirements and difficult to clean the dirt are required to use high-power or Continuous handheld laser cleaning machine for rust removal.

Compared to the traditional cleaning process equipment, laser cleaning machine or slightly better, save manpower, no consumables, high efficiency, good results, simple operation, can be customized automation mode.


The development of laser cleaning machine

When it comes to industrial laser cleaning machine to remove rust, many people are not unfamiliar. Although laser cleaning machine only in recent years has become a popular equipment in the field of industrial cleaning, but laser cleaning has actually existed for a long time.

In 1973, JF Asmus proposed that lasers could be used to clean artwork. It was found that by focusing a high-energy laser beam on the contaminated parts of certain items, a series of complex physicochemical processes such as vibration, melting, evaporation and combustion can be caused to occur in the irradiated material, so that the contaminants can finally be separated from the surface of the item.

In order to achieve the purpose of removing its surface contaminants, this is laser cleaning. Even though limited by the type of lasers available at the time, JF Asmus spent the next 10 years or more perfecting his discovery.

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In recent years, laser cleaning and laser descaling have rapidly become a hot research topic in industrial manufacturing. Research includes the working principles of laser cleaning, laser cleaning technology, laser cleaning equipment and laser cleaning applications.

Using the theory and research discovered by JF Asmus over 40 years ago, today’s laser cleaners can clean products of all sizes and effectively remove a wide range of contaminants from material surfaces.

In addition, laser cleaning tools are environmentally friendly and produce little to no contamination. Since its introduction, laser cleaning machine, with its many advantages, in many industrial fields gradually replaced the traditional cleaning process, showing a broad development prospects.

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The development prospect of mold laser cleaning machine

We all know that the traditional industrial cleaning methods mainly include: high-pressure water, chemical reagents, ultrasonic and mechanical polishing, etc.. But because of the above cleaning methods are more or less exist some disadvantages: such as damage to the substrate, poor working environment, environmental pollution, part of the location cleaning is not complete, cleaning costs are too high.

Laser cleaning technology has the advantages of low damage to the substrate material, high cleaning accuracy, zero emissions, green, good economic benefits, so more and more companies are beginning to focus on laser cleaning. There is no doubt that the laser cleaning technology applied to metal surface dirt cleaning is having a very broad prospect.


At present, laser cleaning technology has been popularized to various industries in industrial applications:

Mold cleaning: rubber molds, composite molds, metal molds, etc..

Heritage conservation: stone carvings, bronzes, glass, oil paintings and murals, etc.

Microelectronics: semiconductor components, microelectronic devices, memory templates, etc.

Paint and rust removal: aircraft, ships and other parts, weapons and equipment, bridges, metal pressure vessels, metal pipes, electrical product parts, etc.

Others: urban graffiti, printing cylinders, building facades, nuclear industry, etc.

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High efficiency laser cleaning machine for rust removal in 1 second

Hand held laser cleaning machine for rust removal is very good, can clean the surface rust layer to restore the original color of the substrate and ensure that it will not harm the substrate, if you want to achieve rough treatment, you can also over-clean, just adjust the appropriate parameters.

General rust removal are used sandblasting, grinding, pickling, ultrasonic processes, for various reasons, these cleaning processes need to be replaced, laser cleaning is a good choice, simple operation without supplies, save time and effort, the service life of up to 50,000 hours, handheld laser cleaning machine used in rust removal can do 1 second rust removal, laser hit on the metal surface dirt directly by the laser cleaning off, can be said to be 1 second that is clear.

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