How much do you know about laser cleaning and rust removal machine

Laser rust removal machine cleaning without chemical agents and mechanical grinding, no pollution to the environment and no damage to the workpiece. Laser rust removal cleaning machine is fast and safe, and can remove rust from various metal materials. High working efficiency, high degree of automation, simple process, no follow-up processing work, greatly improving efficiency, reducing the labor intensity of workers and solving production costs.

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Laser rust removal machine cleaning can not only remove the surface layer of impurities outside the workpiece with rust stains, but also polishing process, the effect of processing out the same as new. And laser rust removal will not cause harm to the workpiece, very gentle!

Traditional rust and scale removal methods include

Physical rust removal methods, such as sandblasting, polishing, scraping devices, additional blowing, wire brushing, etc.
Chemical methods, such as removing oxide layers with alkaline or acidic chemicals.

However, these methods not only cause environmental pollution, but also damage to the base metal. To avoid these disadvantages, laser descaling cleaning has become the preferred method for rust and scale removal operations, capable of removing the rust layer/oxide layer by irradiating the rust layer with a laser beam of peak power and high repetition rate.

Laser descaling machine cleaning does not damage the surface of the substrate, nor does it even change the physical characteristics of the substrate. Laser descaling machine cleaning with a certain peak power and single pulse energy laser, laser contact with the work surface can be imagined as a small ball of energy in turn to hit, rust will absorb energy, due to the short action time, the surface of the rust absorbed energy instant vaporization, and can not downward heat conduction, it will cause the surface rust instant disappearance without damage to the workpiece effect, processing speed is relatively fast.

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Laser cleaning and rust removal machine three main features.

  1. laser descaling machine cleaning operation is simple, turn on the electricity, turn on the equipment, and
  2. to carry out chemical-free, media-free, dust-free, water-free cleaning, can automatically focus, fit the surface cleaning, cleaning surface cleanliness and other advantages.
  3. It can remove resin, oil, stain, dirt, rust, coating, plating and paint from the surface of the object.

Which laser cleaning machine or sandblasting machine is more suitable for rust removal

The basic principle of the laser cleaning machine is to use the laser to irradiate the surface of the object to make the surface stains (rust, paint, oil stains, oxide layers, etc.) digest and absorb the laser energy, thereby causing the thermal expansion coefficient to change, and the surface stains will be loose. There is high-intensity vibration. This kind of vibration will cause the loose stains to be broken by the laser and turn into smoke and vapor. The laser rust remover itself will have a vacuum device, and the cleaned stains will be directly absorbed by the human body, and will not cause any impact on the natural environment.

Sandblasting and anti-rust treatment is to spray sand particles on the surface of the object according to the spray gun with compressed air, so that the stains on the surface of the object are broken by the sand particles. The cleaning method is similar to the laser cleaning machine, which belongs to the cleaning of physical collision, but In terms of consumables, or there are many consumables for sandblasting and anti-rust treatment, this is also necessary for sand, and the cost of sand is also very high. Damage to the surface of the object.

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Why choose a laser cleaning machine for rust removal

Laser cleaning is an environmentally friendly process for removing rust, paint, oxides and other contaminants from metal surfaces. Because it is very efficient and does not pollute the environment, it is used by more and more enterprises. This post will introduce the laser cleaning machine from various aspects, giving you a deeper understanding of its functions.

4 advantages of laser cleaning and descaling machine

Safe and pollution-free

The laser cleaning metal process does not use chemicals, is more environmentally friendly, and does not endanger the health of employees. Safe and contamination-free cleaning makes laser cleaners suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

No damage to the substrate

Laser surface cleaning systems work by directing a powerful, high-pulse laser at rusted, painted or coated surfaces. This energy breaks down existing contaminants and effectively removes them from the substrate. The removal of the degraded or coated layer affects only a few microns. It doesn’t continue to burn away the solid surface underneath, making the laser’s action more specific.

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More efficient and cost-effective

Of all industrial cleaning methods, laser cleaning machines have the lowest operating costs. Lasers are many times faster than using chemicals, reducing labor costs.

Since laser cleaning leaves no waste or debris, a lot of material and machining costs are eliminated. Returns on investment can often be seen in less than a year.

Selectively and accurately strip the layer

Unlike sandblasting, lasers are selective and can be easily focused on very small spots or strips without affecting adjacent material. Precise and spot cleaning is easier with the laser cleaning method. Additionally, using laser cleaning makes it easier to reach the nooks and crannies of complex design objects. The final product after laser cleaning is much finer than other cleaning methods.

Laser cleaning machines are widely used in heavy metal manufacturing. With laser cleaning technology, you can easily remove rust spots from metal materials without touching the rest of the equipment.

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