How Much does a High Power Laser Rust Removal Machine Cost?

The domestic laser rust removal machine equipment is basically homogeneous, because the configuration is not the same, the company scale is not the same, the price is not the same, buy equipment price is one hand, or to field site visits to see if there is a prototype, our company has 1000W, 1500W,2000W laser rust removal machine, ready to sample, and the same configuration cost-effective.

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China is recognized as a major manufacturing country and the largest processing country in the world, and the industrial volume is also the first in the world. In order to modernize the industry and solve a large number of labor problems, China has spent more than 20 years from the 1990s to the present, from the introduction of foreign enterprises to endogenous enterprises, with 25 years to go through 100 years of industrialization in Europe and the United States, followed by environmental degradation and industrial pollution, uncontrolled emissions of waste water, waste gas and waste items.

The blue sky is covered by haze, drinking water with odor, soil with excessive heavy metals, and various kinds of waste garbage surrounding the city are all prominent environmental problems nowadays. Our government has long been aware of the problem, and also vigorously build sewage treatment plants, exhaust gas adsorption and filtration facilities, etc.

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However, such measures are only discharged first and then treated, and the cost is also very high. In this context, changing the process of some production procedures and upgrading more environmentally friendly cleaning process becomes a very urgent and necessary task. Laser cleaning / rust removal is a very promising option.

Domestic laser manufacturers followed up by launching the first 1000W pulsed fiber laser for laser cleaning in China in the second half of 2016. 200W and 500W industrial laser cleaners were launched for the first time in China in October 2016.

In March 2017, several major domestic fiber laser manufacturers are launched for laser cleaning laser products, and enterprises engaged in the development of laser cleaning equipment are also emerging, laser cleaning from a “black technology” gradually revealed in front of people, for more people know, engaged in automotive, mold, home appliances, electronics manufacturing .

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The laser cleaning equipment development enterprises also have a lot of, laser cleaning from a “black technology” gradually revealed to people’s eyes, for more people know, engaged in automotive, mold, home appliances, electronic manufacturing, spraying, metal products and other industries, people know the laser cleaning magical efficiency and environmental protection “effectiveness”, are very interested in trying.

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