How Much does a Laser Rust Removal Machine Cost

The laser rust removal machine cost is divided into different prices due to different power, there are several tens of thousands, there are hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of different power for the suitable cleaning dirt is not the same。

Prices for 1000W handheld laser descaling machines start from $7500.00.
The price range for a 1500W portable laser rust remover starts at $8500.00.
The minimum cost for a 2000W high power portable laser cleaner starts at $11,000.00.
Even with similar configurations, the cost varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

3 in 1 handheld laser cleaning, welding

Low power for cleaning dirt is not serious, so the cleaning efficiency will be higher, medium and high power is suitable for cleaning oxidation skin and dirt serious some, but if However, if the dirt is particularly thick, it is not very recommended to use a laser descaling machine, so that the efficiency will be very slow.

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