Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine in The Use of Things to Pay Attention to

Sheet metal laser cutting machine in metal processing plays an irreplaceable role, high production efficiency, reducing labor costs, but there are always some issues to pay attention to when laser processing, today by the Shandong sheet metal laser cutting machine wholesalers for you to analyze it.

sheet metal laser cutter

CNC laser cutting machine in cutting thick plates and perforated when the time taken will be more, but with high-powered laser cutting machine to reduce the time but there will be the phenomenon of burst holes. Small laser cutting machine for cutting thick plate will appear over-burning and serious adhesion phenomenon, cutting the grain is also more obvious. In the batch processing plate will also appear when the individual cutting imperfect state.

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Sheet metal laser cutting machines do not use common edges, borrowed edges, bridging and other cutting methods when cutting sheet metal. This single platform laser cutting machine cutting path is long, cutting time consuming, productivity is also very low, while the use of consumables will also increase, the cost of expenditure is high.

Metal laser cutting machine in CAD mapping cutting operators can only manually rely on experience to draw cutting, cutting can not do automatic perforation and automatic cutting, all require manual adjustment, in the long run, the efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine is naturally very low. 

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