How much is the handheld laser welding. Does it welds stainless steel?

Technology development, welding requirements are getting higher and higher, the traditional welding can not meet the contemporary welding needs, now the market has just appeared handheld laser welding machine in the welding industry is very popular.

Quotation 1000w welding machine

Laser welding machine models 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, no matter how much more fine workpiece, can easily weld a perfect weld, save working time, welding speed, welding performance is stable, very suitable for high-volume manufacturers, wide range of applications, universal stainless steel aluminum products, galvanized sheet and other materials, in many large enterprises is also widely used.

The current market price of 1000w welder between 5700-10000 U.S. dollars, because of different configurations, the price will also be a certain difference.

Price lightweld 1500 xc wire feed

Many customers now have higher requirements for welding, large cabinets of handheld laser welding machine is not convenient to move, because of this demand, the market production and development of portable lightweld 1500 xc wire feed, compact and lightweight, the Price lightweld 1500 xc wire feed is about 6000 U.S. dollars, in addition to the different configurations to determine.

lightweld 1500 machine advantages.

Convenient and flexible: one-piece air-cooled design, compact size, with the lift and go
Quality assurance: ISO9001 certified production enterprise, 4 hours direct access to the national service network
High efficiency: welding speed up to 4000mm/min
Good effect: smooth and beautiful welding seam, no deformation of workpiece
Cost saving: one general worker can offset 5-10 welders, less welding material, long life

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Industrial laser welding machine to weld the thickness of metal materials

Handheld laser welding machine can be used for a variety of hardware material welding, so the application industry is also very wide. Handheld laser welding machine power size of 1000W to 2000W power size, welding power determines the thickness of the material can be welded, we know that handheld laser welding machine thin plate is a certain advantage, then if the welding of thick plate?

Stainless steel material welding

  • 500W power, thickness can be welded .05-1.5mm
  • 1000w power, thickness can be 0.5-3mm
  • 1500W power, thickness can be welded 0.5-5mm.
  • 2000W power, thickness can be welded 6mm
handheld laser welders

Carbon steel material welding

  • 500W power, thickness can be welded .05-1.5mm
  • 1000w power, thickness can be 0.5-3mm
  • 1500W power, thickness can be welded 0.5-5mm.
  • 2000W power, thickness can be welded 6mm.


  • 500W power, thickness can be welded .05-1.5mm
  • 1000w power, thickness can be 0.5-3mm
  • 1500W power, thickness can be welded 0.5-5mm
  • 2000W power, thickness can be welded 6mm.

Aluminum and its alloy materials

  • 1000w power, thickness can be 0.5-2mm
  • 1500W power, thickness can be welded 0.5-3mm.
  • 2000W power, thickness can be welded 0.5-5mm.

Welding equipment can be welded material thickness welding material, material thickness and welding equipment power size is closely related to the size of the laser power depends on the thickness of the welded material, the thickness of the material to determine the power of the laser equipment size.

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What materials can be processed by handheld laser welding equipment?

Laser welding machine can weld aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass and other metal materials

1、Stainless steel

Stainless steel has a high coefficient of thermal expansion, prone to overheating when welding, the heat affected area is slightly larger when it will lead to serious deformation problems, and handheld laser welding machine in the entire welding process generated low heat, coupled with the relatively low thermal conductivity of stainless steel, high energy absorption rate and melting efficiency, after welding can be well formed, smooth and beautiful weld The weld seam can be well formed and smooth and beautiful after welding.

2、Carbon steel

Ordinary carbon steel can be directly used handheld laser welding to welding, the effect is comparable to stainless steel welding, and the heat affected area is smaller, but in the welding of medium and high carbon steel, relatively speaking, the residual temperature is still high, so it is still necessary to preheat before welding, after welding insulation to eliminate stress and avoid cracking.

Here we can say the cold welding machine, medium and high carbon steel can use cold welding with cast iron welding wire slow welding or repair, in the control of temperature, temperature control, temperature control, cold welding machine in the post-welding heat residual on the teach handheld laser welding more.

fiber laser welding

3、Mold steel

China handheld laser welding machine can be applied to a variety of models of mold steel welding, and welding effect is very good.

4、Aluminum and aluminum alloy

  Aluminum and aluminum alloys are highly reflective materials, in the welding pool or the root of the problem of porosity may occur, compared to the first few metal materials, aluminum and aluminum alloys on the parameters required will be higher, but as long as the welding parameters selected properly, you can get the mechanical properties of the weld with the parent material equivalent.

5, copper and copper alloy

Copper’s thermal conductivity is very strong, in the welding process is prone to not weld through, partially unfused and other phenomena, usually the welding process will be heated to assist the welding of copper materials, here is the copper thin material, handheld laser welding can be directly welded, because its energy concentration, welding speed, copper’s high thermal conductivity has less impact on it.

6、Welding between dissimilar materials

Handheld laser welding machine can be carried out between a variety of dissimilar metals, like copper – nickel, nickel – titanium, copper – titanium, titanium – molybdenum, brass – copper, mild steel – copper and other dissimilar metals in Under certain conditions (gas or temperature), laser welding can be performed.

1000w welding machine consumables

Handheld laser welding machine is a popular upgrade handheld laser welding equipment, this equipment consists of 15 meters long fiber optic cable, control software, laser welding head, brand laser and other components and composition.
Handheld laser welding machine consumables can be divided into two kinds, one is the handheld laser welding machine with wire feed, it is necessary to use two kinds of consumables, welding wire and copper nozzle.
Welding wire, welding wire is generally aluminum welding, there are 0.3mm / 0.6mm, etc., a few hundred dollars a roll enough for you to use most of the year.
Copper mouth, relative to the welding wire, copper mouth belongs to the consumables have been consumed, because the main welding place is the location of the copper mouth, but as long as the correct operation, a copper mouth can be used 5-8 times, as for the expensive, Sai Shuo laser delivery is specifically distributed.

Do not send wire handheld welding, then there is only one consumable copper mouth.

laser welding

Handheld laser welding machine feature

  • High efficiency. 2-10 times faster than traditional welding speed.
  • Excellent quality: more uniform weld joints, better welds, beautiful, flat, non-porous welds.
  • Low cost: compared with traditional arc welding, the power saving is about 80-90 percent, and the processing cost is about 30 percent lower.
  • Easy and flexible operation: customer workbench space limitation, can achieve any angle of welding.

How is the strength of the weld seam compared to MIG MAG TIG

Welding people are more or less faced with the problem of how to choose the welding process.

Welding speed

High speed can be important in terms of cost effectiveness when large quantities need to be produced in a short time. But high welding speeds also mean a smaller heat-affected zone on the part. This zone is formed in the weld area, where the heat input to the part reduces the properties of the metal. The heat can locally harden the metal, making it brittle, causing cracks or fractures, and reducing tensile strength. Therefore, it is important to minimize the heat introduced into the base material.
The MIG/MAG welding process offers fast welding speed, good weld quality and a wide range of functions.
Applications: dynamic loads such as bridge beams, train cars, or parts of vibrating machinery.

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Welding environment

The choice of welding process depends on the influence of the environment. Is the workpiece exposed to the outdoor environment or can it be welded while protecting it from wind and weather?
The TIG and MIG/MAG processes require shielding gas shielding provided by a separate supply of gas. This can only be ensured in an enclosed space or by shielding the parts so that the supplied shielding gas is not blown away.
When welding outdoors, the manual arc welding method is preferred. The burning coating forms a shielding gas and slag that protects the melt from chemical reactions with the ambient air.
Manual arc welding does not require a shielding gas, so this process can also be used outdoors.

Appearance of the weld seam

Since the weld seam is clearly visible, a perfect appearance is essential. A smooth, fish-scale weld appearance and an extremely fine texture are often required. This can only be achieved with special features of the TIG process or MIG/MAG processes such as MIG/MAG seam welding or CMT. in manual arc welding, the appearance of the weld seam depends on the type of electrode used.
A characteristic weld seam appearance can be obtained with TIG welding.
A fissure weld that requires the use of special features to reproduce. The Fronius MIG/MAG – CMT CycleStep process is used here.

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Weld quality

Where weld quality is paramount, TIG is preferred, and TIG welds have the best mechanical properties.
However, high-quality TIG welds require a high degree of purity at the joint edges prior to welding. They must be completely clean, i.e. free of rust, oil, grease and any other impurities, before the TIG process can be used.
The TIG welding process produces extremely high quality welds, but requires extremely clean and low welding speeds.

Workpiece thickness

In addition to the above requirements for the weld seam, the thickness of the workpiece plays a role in the selection of the welding process. Workpieces with a thickness of less than 1 mm cannot be welded with a welding rod, but if the workpiece thickness is greater than 4 mm, TIG welding is considered uneconomical. On the other hand, the MIG/MAG process can be used for any material from ultra-light steel plates to solid steel plates.

handheld laser welder
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