CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Maintenance Knowledge

Many customers in the process of purchasing fiber laser cutting machine, there will inevitably be some failure problems caused by improper use of our work has caused a certain loss of impact, and now this article will tell you how to solve some of the minor problems that occur in the metal laser cutting machine.

What is the laser cutting machine protection lens?

Fiber laser cutting machine protective mirror, also known as “focus lens”, is an important part of the fiber laser cutting machine, whether it can cut the shape of the workpiece or the key depends on the focus lens to focus the light source on a point and then make the light source energy to cut the workpiece or welding workpiece, so in the maintenance and maintenance of laser cutting machine will be observed Protective mirror whether there is pollution or damage to the situation, if the protective mirror problems will need to be replaced, how to properly replace the protective mirror is also considered a technical work.

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Three steps to replace the protective lens.

The first step we first prepare the tape, respectively, cut out two sections of almost the same tape, and then tape them together in the same length, note that the length of the cut out is to be used to cover the mirror seat mouth, so to control the appropriate length of the tape.

The second step is the need to remove the protective mirror seat, and then use the tape we just prepared on the mouth of the protective mirror to prevent dust particles pollutants into it.

The third step is the replacement of the protective mirror, it is best to wear gloves, in the process of replacing the protective mirror to avoid touching the surface of the mirror caused by artificial pollution.

Finally, the protective mirror on the mouth of the tape removed, the protective mirror back on the equipment.

These are the steps to replace the protective mirror fiber laser cutting machine, the protective mirror is the laser cutting knife mouth, whether the key to cutting a satisfactory workpiece is to rely on it, so to daily observation and maintenance of laser cutting protective mirror.

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Choose an affordable fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer supplier wholesaler

Metal laser cutting machine has increased the production speed of industry, but at the same time customers in the selection of the right china fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers suppliers it also adds some trouble for some customers: there are so many metal fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers in the market, how to make the most suitable choice? Price priority or stability? Let’s hear our unique point of view?

1, the overall quality of fiber laser cutting machine.

In fact, the brand of the laser cutting machine is closely related to the quality. After all, customers buy the equipment to complete a series of processing work, which will determine the customer’s impression of the brand, so the brand effect will also determine the quality of goods.

2, the market share of fiber laser cutting machine.

When many customers in an area use the brand’s equipment, this indicates that the equipment must have certain advantages, or at least no major defects, the greater the market share, the better the brand’s equipment.

3, the fiber laser cutting machine after-sales service.

Good quality equipment in operation will also encounter some difficult problems. The manufacturer’s after-sales service will also affect the user’s production schedule. Before purchasing, we must communicate with the after-sales processing time to avoid equipment failure to cause more losses.

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The best state of the laser cutting machine debugging

As we all know, the laser cutting machine needs to be debugged to achieve the best state of operation, so how do we debug to ensure that the machine runs in the best condition.

1, in the first half of the debugging of fiber laser cutting machine, we can use some debugging paper, workpiece scrap to point shooting to determine the accuracy of the focal position, move the position of the height of the upper and lower laser head, the laser spot size point shooting will have a different size change.

Multiple adjustments of different positions to find the smallest one spot position to determine the focal length and the best position of the laser head.

2, when the laser focus of the spot is adjusted to the smallest, point shooting to establish the initial effect, the size of the spot effect to determine the focal length bit, we just need to recognize the laser spot to the smallest, then this position is the best processing focal length, and then start laser cutting work.

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3, fiber laser cutting machine after installation, will be installed on the nozzle of the machine and equipment a scribing device, through the scribing device to scratch a simulated cutting graphics, simulated graphics for 1m square. Built-in a circle with a diameter of 1m, the four corners are scribed on the diagonal, after scribing, using a measuring tool to measure whether the circle is tangent to the four sides of the square.

The length of the diagonal of the square is √2 (the data derived from the open root is about: 1.41m), the central axis of the circle should be equally divided between the sides of the square, and the distance between the point where the central axis intersects with the two sides of the square and the intersection of the two sides of the square should be 0.5m.

Test the distance between the diagonal and the intersection point to determine the cutting accuracy of the equipment.

The above is the laser cutting machine to maintain the best condition of the debugging method, the operating engineer can learn from the study to ensure that the machine is efficient cutting.

Laser cutting machine fume hazards

Nowadays, the laser cutting machine cutting power continues to become larger and the cutting thickness continues to increase, the harmful fumes produced by laser cutting machines and welding equipment in the process of production has increased exponentially. And laser cutting for thermal cutting, in the cutting process produces a large number of fine harmful fumes, such as acetaldehyde, rosin acid, isocyanates, nitrogen oxides, sulfides, hydrocarbons, etc., on the health of workers and the entire working environment is harmful.

How to deal with laser cutting fumes?

At present, the mainstream laser cutting dust removal equipment on the market is cartridge dust removal equipment, which covers a small area and has high filtration accuracy.

Now many laser cutting machine manufacturers in order to facilitate the configuration of dust removal equipment for customers, will deliberately configure a vacuum port on the side of the laser cutting machine, as long as the dust removal equipment through the pipe connected to the vacuum port, you can use directly, greatly solving the headache of customers for the addition of dust removal equipment.


2 types of laser cutting machine cartridge dust collector

Cabinet type removable cartridge dust collector and centralized cartridge dust collector.

1、Cabinet type removable cartridge dust collector

This dust collector is generally a one-to-one model, that is to say, a laser cutting machine is equipped with one such dust collector, which is directly discharged indoors, and the equipment covers a small area and can be moved.

2, centralized cartridge dust collector

This is generally a one-to-many model, one or more laser cutting machine centralized fume treatment, outdoor 15-meter chimney high-altitude emissions.

These two dust collector selection methods, customers can choose according to their actual situation, if you can not specific selection, you can find a professional environmental protection dust removal equipment manufacturers, they will be based on specific working conditions, to the actual selection.

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