How Are Industrial Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine For Rust Removal

Many people may not know much about fiber laser cleaning machine, there is a lot of specialized knowledge also has a lot of principle composition, only now the use of this inside, it is also because of these so that many aspects need to understand and then use.

Laser has high directional, monochromatic, high coherence and high brightness characteristics. By focusing and Q-regulating the lens, the energy can be concentrated to a very small spatial and temporal scale. In the processing of fiber laser cleaning machine, the following characteristics of laser are mainly utilized.

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1, the laser can achieve a high degree of concentration of energy in time and space. Focused laser beam can produce thousands of degrees or even tens of thousands of degrees of high temperature near the focal point, so that the dirt instantly evaporate, vaporize or decompose.

2、Laser beam has small dispersion angle and good directionality. The laser beam can be gathered into spots of different diameters through the focusing system. In the case of the same laser energy, controlling the laser beam spot of different diameters can adjust the laser energy density and make the dirt expand by heat. When the expansion force of the dirt is greater than the adsorption force of the dirt to the substrate, the dirt will be separated from the surface of the object.

3, the laser beam produces mechanical resonance by generating ultrasonic waves on the solid surface, so that the dirt is broken off.

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Laser cleaning technology is the use of the above characteristics of the laser to achieve the purpose of cleaning. According to the substrate to be cleaned and to remove the optical properties of the dirt, fiber laser cleaning machine structure can be divided into two categories.

One is the use of cleaning substrates (also known as the parent) and surface adhesion (dirt) to a certain wavelength of laser energy absorption coefficient has a large difference. Most of the laser energy shone onto the surface of the object is absorbed by the surface adhesion, and therefore is heated or vaporized, or instantaneous expansion, and in the formation of airflow driven and the object surface separation, thus achieving the purpose of cleaning.

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Another cleaning method is suitable for cleaning laser energy absorption coefficient difference between the substrate and surface adhesion, or the substrate is more sensitive to the acidic vapor formed by the heating of the coating, or the coating will produce toxic substances After heating. This type of method usually uses high power, high repetition frequency pulsed laser impact to be cleaned surface, part of the beam will be converted into acoustic waves.

The above content of these fiber laser cleaning machine is also the conclusion because of the invention of the application of this machine, and it is because of this conclusion point, so many ways to carry out more further development and use.

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