Everything you need to know about the laser cleaner

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the protection of the environment, and the requirements for carbon emissions are very serious. Green, energy-saving metal laser cleaners are increasingly popular, gradually replacing the traditional cleaning industry and becoming the disruptor in the field of industrial cleaning!

laser cleaner
laser cleaner

What are the advantages and disadvantages of metal laser cleaners?

The advantages lie in the fact that it outperforms almost all traditional industrial cleaning methods on the technical level of cleaning capacity and on the technological level.

The disadvantage lies in the fact that: the development time is too short and the development speed is not yet fast enough. It has not yet been able to cover the full range of industrial cleaning.

4 kinds of traditional industrial cleaning of various disadvantages.

  1. sandblasting cleaning will cause damage to the substrate and produce a large amount of dust pollution, if a small power sandblasting in a closed box pollution is still relatively small, in the open space for high-power sandblasting, will bring huge dust disturbance.
  2. wet chemical cleaning will have cleaning agent residue, cleaning efficiency is not high enough, the substrate acidity and alkalinity and surface hydrophobicity, etc. have an impact, and will cause environmental pollution.
  3. Dry ice cleaning costs are high, for example, the domestic ranking of about 20-30 tyre factory, using dry ice cleaning process a year of consumables costs close to 800-1.2 million. And the secondary waste it produces is not easy to recycle.
  4. ultrasonic cleaning can not remove the coating layer, can not clean soft materials, and can not help the sub-micron particle pollution.

In general these cleaning processes have various inconveniences and cannot meet the environmental or efficiency requirements of the manufacturing cleaning segment.

Advantages of metal laser cleaner.

  1. can be non-contact cleaning, more accurate and clean, can save energy and improve efficiency
  2. Remote control, selective removal, semi-automatic or fully automatic unmanned workshop.
  3. Zero pollution to the environment at industrial level.
  4. Precise removal of layers down to the micron level, and the highest quality of Sa3 (the highest grade), with maximum preservation of surface hardness, roughness, hydrophobicity, etc.
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